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  • I have two concerns at this point in my life of 52 years and single & dating after long marriages. #1 is that I am a scorpio woman and have been with a leo spouse, and a 2nd marriage to a capricorn, and 1 long distance steady a saggitarian... Wow I am worn out and perplexed about this stuff with comaptibility and really feel like a kite a a big wind just out there blowing! Does a scorpio woman have a chance with men of any sign for very long???? I have read blogs and various things on this site about the difficulty of scorpio men and I actually know two in this area and there is no way with them either for sure! I feel like I should just give up dating or trusting one long enough to grow in a relationship. I am no expert with this astrology stuff! Does my sign really have anyone in this life to be with??????? I know they like me but the love stuff ruins it somewhere further down the road. So far I am able to form good friendships but not much more. Stuck in this perplexing situation.

  • I wouldnt worry too much about the compatibility stuff. Its just a tool to help us understand how we might relate to a particular sign. THe love of my life is a cancer and im an aries. Makes no sense astrologically. You dont have to necessarily give up on dating. But you may want to take some time to be alone and reflect on what it is that you are wanting from a man and what you have to offer someone else in a relationship and be honest with yourself. We spend so much time looking for Mr. Perfect that we forget that we are supposed to be a whole person for them to. (I am not indicating that you are not whole by the way) WEll I am going on and on. Thats just my opinion. ( :

  • It's quite possible that you are missing one step in finding love and that is finding friendship first. It is impossible to love someone without liking them first. This goes for both you and any love interest you may have. Don't ever give up, but, always proceed with caution. Your vulnerable right now I could feel it when I read your post.

    Love interests do not define who we are and it sounds to me like you need to do some work in that area, what interests you? Do you have any hobby's? Is there something that you have always wanted to do, but just never did it? Learn to live without a love interest in your life. Get to know yourself, learn to be your own best friend. When the time is right the right mate for you will just drop in your lap, be patient. I hope this helps...

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