Im a leo and I lost my boyfriend who is a libra

  • Hello my name is Danielle and I am 20 years old (I know I'm still young) My boyfriend and I of 2 years just broke up a month ago and It's really hitting me hard.It was my 1st seriou relationship and I am having a lot of regrets.I know I didn't show him I didn't care about him as much as I should have,I am also bi-polar and when we would get into a disagreement it would get out of hand on my part.We were supposed to move up to Houlton Maine together, we are both originaly from Western Mass,Now he is living up there without out me.I can't stand us not being together."You never know what you have until it's gone" Is so spot on.When we first started dating I knew he was amazing and I was completely In love with him..but after time went on I got comfortable and didn't show him enough affection.Basically my actions weren't speaking as loud as my words.He is still my best friend but its really hard.He still loves me.I need advice,I need him back! He told me today that he doesn't feel like trying anymore in the relationship and thats why it ended, he feels as if I'm not going to change..but I am willing to do anything.I didn't realize how much I truely deeply loved him until after.WHAT DO I DO? What should I say?

  • No matter how hard we try to change for someone else, it only works if it is a permanent change for OURSELVES. Okay so maybe yo weren't as verbal as you could have been, does that warrant a break-up, I don't think so. The fact that you are bi-polar immediately means that you have to manage your meds to keep yourself mentally balanced. Were doing that when he broke up with you? Lastely, it's not the end of your world if this man chooses to walk away. Bid him and the relationship a well deserved farewell and move forward alone if you have to, but move forward.

  • If you know the things that you did not do, just start doing them. It seems loke he wants to rekindle things. Start taking your med and get youeseld together.Just start doing what you are suppose to do. JUST DO IT, if you want him back.

  • There is a lot missing here in this description of events. I know losing someone is a very hard thing to do. Not communicating how much you appreciate someone can certainly put a damper on a relationship, but it seems a very strange reason to let an otherwise good relationship go. If your bipolar condition was not adequately controlled by medication then I suggest for your own sake taking that firmly in hand. Out of control bipolar behavior can make you seem like a drama queen even if you are not like that when your condition is controlled by meds and therapy.

    I know it hurts to loose him, and he obviosly cares since you keep in touch and remain friends. My recommendation may seem a hard one, but it may be your best hope. First get your bipolar condition well under control. Second, start going out and doing things to help others, volunteer at a shelter, hospital, or some other area where you focus on the well being of others. This will allow you to grow in more ways than you can imagine, and appreciate all that you have in your life. Third, start doing things with friends and family go out to the movies, to the park, where ever, but just get out and do things with others. Fourth, find a creative outlet, writing, painting, sewing, singing, whatever it is find it and express yourself and your feelings with it, don't hold things inside. Fifth, give yourself a week without contacting him in any way, shape or form.

    This last is very, very hard but very important. During this time you may need to remind yourself

    that if you feel you can't get through the week, just get through the day. If you feel you can't get through the day just get through the hour. If you feel you can't get through the hour get through the minute, and if you feel you can't get through the minute just get through the next second. You need to focus on you right now, to heal your heart and your soul, and to embrace your own value as an individual. You are special, and beautiful, and unique and worthy of love. Love yourself, take care of your own well being, and be true to yourself above all else....because if you are you will always be true to others. Make changes in your life for you, not to try to win someone back, because that is the only way we ever truly change

    Maybe in time you will get back together with this fellow, and maybe not, but never forget your own value to all who love you including family and friends. I wish you all the best of luck in this.

    Best Wishes Always;


  • Bravo Ailindria

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