Could anyone do a reading for me?

  • I would be grateful if anyone could do me a reading about me and my ex partner. I am a capricorn and he is a libran. We recently broke up and I am very confused about what to do next, whether to move on or try to get him back. We were very very close but something became very unbalanced in our relationship where something had to give but I didn't think it would bring about the end of our relationship. I really need some clarity about it all. x

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  • Hi there azure2

    You both have issues about what you want out of life and love. At the moment, those issues are a bit bigger than the success of your relationship. BUT, given time and some work on those issues, you will come back together. It won't be for a while though, maybe twelve months, but have a good look at your own self and try to decipher what it is that put this block in your way. I'm seeing that there were some sort of "demands" being placed (can't see by which one of you, sorry!) and it caused this "backing away" thing. Was there an argument, and you split on bad terms? There's something that he hasn't told you as well I feel, but can't see exactly what that is. He's not a liar, but whatever this is, he felt he had to sort it out alone. He's also a Libran and they don't always make decisions quickly or well, so there's that. "Running scared" springs to mind here, but I don't think it's you doing that.

    Patience is what's needed here, but please keep in some contact with him, so he knows you're still around. Try not to put your life on hold though; live it, but just text him or call every few weeks to keep him in the loop. I see this phase settling down once he makes up his poor Libran mind. I get that this is a "testing" phase too; a phase which is testing how committed you both will be towards this relationship. You'll come out winning, so don't worry there. But as said, you will need to execute patience and understanding here, as your Libran fella is ... well, running scared at the moment. He'll be back though.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • I would love to know about falling in love and will it be any time soon. I have been divorced for

    5 years and feel that I am ready to take that step and start dating and having a relationship.

    Can you tell me who the lucky guy might be. I have many guy friends, will it be one of them, someone from my past or someone new. Please give me as much information as possible.

    Thank you.

    Love and Light

  • Hi cris92,

    Thanks a lot, it really helps. I didn't know whether I should just leave it or keep some contact, I did send a couple of texts and email but didn't want to overstep the mark or drive him even further away. I don't want to think that he doesn't even want to hear from me but would accept that if that was the case and simply move on. I also just want to focus on my new job and family now, do you think that is the positive thing for me to do? Can you see anything a bit brighter going on for me in my near future as these past weeks/months have been very emotionally wrought for me and put simply hard work!

    Your reading is very accurate and thank you for taking the time to do this it really helps. x

  • Hi cris92,

    As an after thought I also have thought there is something he is not telling me for some months now and asked him numerous times about this but he wouldn't tell me. Can you get anymore insight into all that too please his year of birth is 57, mine the year before. Thanks a lot. x

  • Hi cris92, If you get a chance could you give me anymore insight into this situation. Keep thinking I am doing ok and then something happens which brings it all to the fore again and leaves me feeling very confused. Your reading was so accurate that I would really appreciate anymore insight you feel you can give me. I do realise that you are in high demand on this site so whenever you get an opportunity could you do this for me please. Hope life is treating you good. x

  • Hi cris1962, haven't noticed you about of late and hope that all is ok with you? You and others have been so helpful to me these past few weeks and I am very grateful. I hope life is being good to you. Take care Peace x

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