Dreams n' Love

  • Hey. I have a friend that needs some guidance in love and she comes to me for help about her love life. I wanted to see if anyone knew something about dreams in this forum. She has this guy that she wants and he show's interest and they have dated. He's a Pisces and she is a Cancer. He told her he dated a Cancer recently and everytime he liked her and pursued her she didn't care and whenever he didn't she wanted him. Then he told her that he had a dream about her. It was like she was there but everytime he came up to her in the dream she fell away from him. Does anyone know if that is important? She is at a loss and I wanted to get advice for her she seems stressed out more and more everday he doesn't call her. To me its like he's doing exactly what he said the girl before was doing to him. Weird!

  • the dream only means something if the guys wants it to. he though what he wanted and now hes making it comw true. if your freind really like him then she will realize that its not her its him and she will persue him but dont be to pushy or hell run away and he wont want to come back.

  • He's fearful of a repeat performance. If he isn't calling, maybe she should move on. There may be things about her, besides being a Cancer, that remind him of the other girl. Pisces are generally very intellegent and pretty resilient. They will usually shy away from conflict. Cancers are leaders and like to be in control. This may not sit too well w/the Pisces. I am only guessing here. You know your friend better than we do. Maybe something here rings true to you.

  • thanks thats really helpful. I truly feel the same about it but wanted someone else's feedback

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