How do Cancer men argue?

  • I have had many arguements with this cancer man that I have been seeing. Only twice has he bit back, but then he showed me he didn't really mean it. When I get upset or mad, he does whatever to calm me down, reassure me, clear those thoughts from my mind. He will always tell me that he is not upset or mad at me, and he doesn't act like he is either. He texts back, he comes around, he's there. He's in a position that he doesn't have to be this way, he could end it, disappear so to say, but he never does. He tells me this to my face and texts me that he is not upset, and why??

  • Can you explain a bit more?

  • i know that cancer men can be emotional, I've also read that they can be real cruel. I have not been in a serious relationship with him but everytime we have an arguement or I disagree so to say and even be mean or do not believe his BS, or whatever he never gets mad back. He never seems to get pissed off at me. Not that I so want him to, just wondering why he always seems to want to comfort me than stand up and argue back. he claims to not have feelings for me, then if not, why not argue back or just let go of that person? why care what I think or if I'm mad. he seems to though...

  • sometimes we argue like were married...

  • wickedmoon>>>>sometimes we argue like were married

    Sandran712>>I went through this with an Aries.You both can get along.But it's a constant struggle.A Cancer doesn't like to admit when he's wrong.When I talked to a Cancer man on the telephone in the past.It literally killed him and never would admit that he was sorry.(This is a Control Issue)When I got emotional he would want to hang up because he did not want to deal with drama.The constant bickering back and forth can drive a Cancer crazy.They walk away to regroup and quiet to re-energize.Alot of times a Cancer won't blow up unless we are picked at and poked at to the point of being harassed and instigated.Then we will blast you.There is a small threshold that we would get louder before blowing our top.Most times Cancers just walk away after we put our 2 cents in.Get our point across and walk away.If someone comes towards us to start a fight.In the sense of an altercation from a stranger.We will get quiet all of a sudden.Not make eye contact and walk away as if we didn't hear them/ignoring.But, that is not really a Cancer trait.That is just a reaction that a Cancer portrays in a time of confrontation.We do not like being confronted

  • wickedmoon>>>>sometimes we argue like were married

    Sandran712>>Now....if you are in an active blow up argument.Where things get hot and heavy.Cancer can get real ugly.Say alot of mean things before we think.You do not want it to get this far.If it seems that he is getting louder and screaming.The best thing is backing off and walk away.Give it time.He will cool down go somewhere quiet.But, no means ever let him walk on you.You stand your ground.He may not like what he hear.But, we get over things ok.When I tell a guy to leave me alone.I mean it.Need time to regroup.If They hang around while I am still mad they get what they deserve.I gave them a warning and they didn't take notice.So they get what they ask for...LOL

  • My Cancer and I tend to talk it out. Never yelling or anything like that. There was only one time I can think of that it seemed like he snapped a little... the arguement was about this guy I had met out of town was around and I saw him earlier that day. Although I tried to convince my Cancer we were just friends, my cancer got pretty cold and snappy during that conversation...

  • Karmacutie>>Although I tried to convince my Cancer we were just friends, my cancer got pretty cold and snappy during that conversation...

    Sandran712>>Because a Cancer is jealous when a member from opposite sex is mentioned.

  • I've never had an argument with my cancer. It's good, I like that because i don't like arguments. I've never seen him angry, although he gets crabby sometimes and complains about stupid things.

  • Um after you are either in a relationship with him it will change. Trust me. They are easy to friends with, but hard to date. The intimacy scares them

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