Scorpio (male) capricorn (fem) , friendship gone wrong , help...

  • Dont worry, its a great combination. Take some break...give her to breathe...dont suffocate her.

    Its always a gr8 pain for scorpios to b treated this way.

    Gift her something good for keepsake...a band / solitaire...

  • Thanks everyone for the advice ....

    I did say earlier that when I went to qc I had no idea she was the one in charge , so it's not like I knew and went to qc. And all I saw was a group of temporary employees running the line , I thought they don't know what's wrong.

    I also admitted that I have feelings for her , but I won't let that affect our friendship , and my marriage.

    Andyscorpio , thanks , I think this is what I was looking for after all , the opinion of another scorpio that can understand me , It is a great deal of pain being treated like this. Not everyone can understand it.


  • it really is a great combination , I don't remember having a friend like this before in my life.

    That's why it hurts so deep.


  • Yes I think some did miss your mention of having nooo idea it was her, I honestly feel like when you are connected to someone there are times days and ways that we can and do hurt one another not on purpose, it is just human nature. Some people are unforgiving and resentful, if she would let a misunderstanding like this completely derail a friendship, then it was just a matter of time before something elese occured, I can understand how she may feel betrayed, but to never even try to come to understanding with someone who you call a friend shows....... disloyalty

    I know she will ultimately forgive you, if she does not, She was never a friend. Please don't give up with out trying to talk to her one more time after a moment of reflection for you both.

    She may also be using this as an excuse to back away from the growing chemistry between you . Either way if she chooses to walk away it is for the best.

  • o and no bands or solitairs , REMEMBER Your are still married.

  • Sexygem ... Thanks .

    I know , I'll like to try one more time to sit down and talk , but not right now ... people tells me give her time don't even mention it .... and all that .. so that's what I'm doing ,

    I was thinking that too ... she might want to back away from our friendship because of our chemistry growing strong.... I guess I'm not sure ( that's just an idea that went tru my mind) and she might not know how to react.

    I've been there , in that same situation long time ago , and my marriage was almost over ,long story short , out of that situation I gained a great scorpio friend (fem.)

    It's a weird mix of feelings and I know it's not easy dealing w/them.

    I know and I always remember I'm married and I have no intention of breaking my marriage.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Be blessed )0(


  • Here again ... I've been waiting for her , to see if she has a change in attitude towards me , but nothing . It's been well over 6 weeks.

    Is there anything else I can or should do?

    I don't want to press the issue but this waiting is killing me.


  • Have you approached her? Enough time has passed for you to ask to talk to her and see what if anything can be done to mend fences.

  • Hi there sexyGem , at work it's kind of hard to sit down and have a serious conversation , there's always people around , I did talk to her today (because of a misunderstanding... long story... I might tell it later) , and waiting for her in the parking lot was my next Idea , but I've seen her avoiding me in such a blunt way that I don't want her to feel like I'm stalking her or anything like that , she usually clocks out and walks out to the parking lot , now it feels to me like she's taking her time and giving me a head start so that way we don't cross paths , This is how it feels to me , I might be wrong.

    Don't know what else to tell you. It's been really hard on me , it's been a little better the last week.

    As a scorpio what I want to do is start WWIII with her but since we was best friends I can't get myself to hate her like that , I don't think I can ever hate her , but then the way she's treating me is painful to me

    , I did told her today , If you don't want to talk to me ever again , it's ok , I'll only talk to you if it's work related , but don't treat me like this , this is making me so miserable feeling that you hate me so bad.

    So.... IDK ......

    Let's wait till monday to see what happens.

  • Try writing her a letter, revealing ALL of your feelings, and then just give her more time. Don't ask her to write back, just let her know that whatever she decides, you know that she's doing what she feels is best for her. I just saw where you said you feel like starting WWIII with her, but please dont ever grow to dislike her. People think that capricorns are cold, but all she's revealing is just how sensitive she is, and how deep her hurt goes when she feels she's betrayed...although she may just be dragging it out a little.

    And yeah, she probably did develop feelings for you aswell. In her mind, it's probably best that the friendship isn't as strong because she may just feel guilty IF she's developed any feelings. Now I'm not sure about the feelings part so don't go asking her or mentioning it. That would make her even more upset.

  • Yes write a letter, and wait for her in the parking lot, give it to her then,it is time to at least resolve amicably.

    Telling a person it's ok if you don't want to speak to me anymore, doens't make them want to speak to you. Try being honest and vulnerable,tell her the truth, that you never wanted things to be this way, you think it's a misunderstandnig and are willing to make a fool of yourself if it means that things could go back to the way they were

    good luck

  • hellawaits I know I said I have written enough in your thread, but I saw this thread coming back up again and again I thought I should at least say something. I agree with tamikad when she said Caps are not cold. I don't know about everything else she said and everyone else said, but I feel there is something going on in the background. something else, might not have anything to do with your friendship. if you have tried talking to her and she didn't respond, then writing a letter will not give you the result either. basically she stops communicating with you, in writing or verbally it 's the same thing for her.

    This may sound boring and tedious, but try to look back to that very moment when you noticed her change. what other things happened, aside from misunderstanding? were there other people involved, aside from you, this girl and the dept or maybe supervisors? who did she hang out with when she was not hanging out with you? are these the same people you two used to hang out with at break time or after work, or are there new people?

    If you read my old response to you, you will see I mentioned a Cap female ex coworker. I don't know why I feel that something else is going on, but I remember her and how she was. Once I had a row with some supervisor and she was taking his side until he made mistakes that made everyone pointed fingers at her. It was no surprise to me since I knew he was the culprit of whatever it was going on, but it was quite a shock to her since they worked together for over 5 years or something. She was at the time applying for a position in the head office, which was something I actually felt she deserved to get but who am I to say the big guys decide, right? so the big guys made it a big deal of the supervisor's doing (which she was supporting because she didn't know what a DB he was) and my manager called me to offer that position instead.

    I refused because I have only worked there less than a year (and I feel I don't deserve it and senior staffs do plus the way they treat people acckk I don't want to end up like them) but out of my own carelessness, I actually told her what my manager said. I didn't mean anything, I was just saying 'he offered me and I said no because I think you deserved it' but some things are meant to be kept private, aren't they? So it all went downhill from there, not between me and her, but between her and this supervisor. I didn't like this supervisor but I was really surprised their 'collaboration' ended. I thought 'O o senior staffs are gonna gang up against me now' but apparently in her case, years of collaboration do not mean that much. Which is fine for me, since I was truthful and she wanted me to 'investigate' some things I would report to her in the end. I reported my findings as they were, no sugarcoating, and more and more she was not pleased with how things have been going on under her nose.

    Unfortunately doing this made my position even more fragile in other people's eyes. In the end I decided to quit. I did have a row with her, because I didn't cover anyone's mistakes, including hers or mine. We were still in contact a few years after I quit, but recession happened and the company was struggling I lost contact with her. I only had her work e-mail and didn't try to regain contact. I am sure she will do well for she is resilient and smart. I hope she understands I was only doing what I had to do.

    No idea what happened between her and this supervisor, did they maintain contact or not. They sure didn't at work, but maybe after I quit, she did. Caps are cardinal sign, they change when they feel necessary. It can come across as manipulative, picking the strong side only, for their own ambition. But you know what, at the end of the day, all we are left with is ourselves. I might be rich, powerful, high position etc but whether I could live with what I did to get them all, only I know the answer.

    I wish that she would open communication with you again, I truly believe Caps are not cold. I am married to a Cap myself. and I start to feel that this has nothing to do with her feelings towards you, maybe a little bit but not the primary reason. You might want to read again my old post and try to remember just as much as you can if you need to confirm anything. Anyway I'm going off now. Good luck.

  • Dear Scorpio.

    I have moon in Capricorn.

    Their being is about their work effort/ethic and everything else falls around it.

    Tune into this and praise her stable work ethic as much as possible.

    That everything was for her benefit then do something really nice for her at work ,praise , praise praise but make it genuine.

    Now you can help me:

    I am a Virgo and I am at the gate of entering into a sensual union with a Scorpio.

    he is returning from a vacation trip and is excited to see me, however keeps telling me to find things to do after we have sex of course as he has committed to 2 nights with me.

    It is his 50 th B'day and i do not wan to hurt someone on such an occasion, however i can not deal with hot and cold and i would like to be with him. I just hate the idea of saying nice night hope you had a nice time and since you mentioned to , "make myself scarce on our second day i thought it best i leave completely . I think he is baiting me based on how good the sex is and is full of it. From a Scorpio males opinion should I just ignore his stress talking and performance anxiety or pull away now. I have never ruined a B'day dinner in my life, but this takes the proverbial cake.


  • hey. maybe you could ask yourself what were your true motivations with what happened with this capricorn woman. what are they now? is leaving the job an option?

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