• I'm going through a divorce, it's been 4 months since seperation. This Saturday is our wedding anniversary 11 years of marriage and 15 years of being together. He's has drug addictions and has cheated unsure of how many times. Ex and I are good friends and he's already moved on which I'm happy for him. I have been on dating sites and have been texting a few men. I could never get my head around it when it comes to meeting them. I don't if it's too soon to start any relationship. Im not sure if I'll meet someone because I've turned down 2 men. I don't love or have any feelings for ex but I'm finding it hard to accept any men who wants to meet an just take me out. I found 1 man who makes me feel good. But now we've stopped talking and texting. Confused about him and everything.

  • You need a break from relationships at the moment to sort yourself out. Then you will realize you can be complete even without anyone in your life. Don't give in to societal pressure or loneliness. You must get your head and heart right before you can move forward. You need some time out to give you understanding and perspective.

  • Thank you, I'm hoping I'm in the right path at the moment.

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