Getting the heart of a Virgo guy

  • To Sheisavirgo.... oh so true - every word. Thanks for reminding me. And fits so beautifully with Messanger comments. Men are getting it handed to them on a plate - their standards are dropping so fast as the woman that are disrespecting themselves giving us all a bad name.

    My standards are exceptionally high - hence I may never find love - most I come across only want sex or use me for their own gain. But being a Leo, and with Scropio supporting me - the Lion will have the last roar, and the Scorpion will have the last sting... (yes I'm a cuddly pussy cat really !!!)

  • I'm a pisces with a scorpio rising, venus in aries and sagittarus moon. I'm recently engaged to a Virgo man with venus in scorpio and scorpio moon don't know his rising sign so he is always constantly questioning me whatever is on his mind. Concerning our future together and where I stand with him. I've noticed about him he is so obsessed with cleaniness and nothin wrong that. I clean house once a week but he would have fit over a something he sees on the floor. He worries about my own dog peeing on the flour and I told him it was only water. We'll I've got alot to learn from him down the road.

  • I am dating a Virgo guy and I am a Libra. I do not know anything else about our signs but here are some things I observed.

    • They really do LOVE only once or maybe if lucky twice in their lifetime

    -Depending on their upbringing they can be very outgoing or very particular such as clean freak and orderliness

    -They have strong appreciation for a strong woman and perhaps even detest "easy" women/girls

    -They have a very strong charisma - which in my case worked because as a libra I am considered to be somewhat of a charmer

    -Very intense when they are IN LOVE. They see themselves committed right away

    -If they are NOT IN LOVE- they display shallow, cold and uncaring emotions - even cruel remarks which is hurtful to the partner

    -Once they are committed- they will go to heaven and hell with you and put you before anything else

    -They do require A LOT OF PATIENCE to live with

    -Many traits mentioned above seems to have to do with personality profile. In my case my boyfriend is an ENFP and I am an INFJ. So we agree a lot on fundamental emotions and feelings, but differ in that he is outgoing extrovert and I am an introvert (which I don't mind).

    -have a very critical eye and attention to detail and not afraid to point out their opinions and do not fear reprisal which makes them very charismatic but scary if you don't know them personally.

  • I did a reality check on husband (Virgo) - I came up with the conclusion using points we have already discussed...

    No he does not love me... his comments can be very hurtful - sometimes there is remorse when hes realised what hes said, but mainly out of concern for him not looking like the bad guy as opposed to what he said to me. (being in the marraige you tend to overlook this just because you need to get through the day - poor excuse for letting bad behaviour become rife)

    As for loving only once - I am (was) loved as a possesion - not a woman or a person. He is too set in his ways to love another - they would really need to be someone special.

    As for cleanliness - this is where it all falls over - he really is a dirty slob - but takes it out on me if I dont clean up his mess. He dosnt like others mess or dirt - but creates much of his own. I am expected to clean it up - if I dont - then he turns it round to being my mess and I get blamed for being the dirty one - yet I am more fastidious than he is !!!!

    Money - we dont even go there - he is a nightmare with it. I have lost count of the times I have had to rescue a situation - he really is very childish at heart (even at 57).

    I tried to walk away - but fate dosnt seem to want to let that happen - so I ponder. My internet lover is a Virgo - there are so many differences - between him and my husband.

    They both have scorpio rising, but lover has moon in Cancer (very emotional man) - husband has moon in Pisces - this is where he lets him self down as a family man. Me and our kids are not seen as his family - his family are his brothers and sisters, mum and dad - not us. This is where his time is taken up - not with us.... we are just annoying inconveniance...

    I have so much love to give - but still no one to share it with...

  • Indigo, there is time for everything. the reality check you have done, is an honest assessment and it will prove helpful for you when trying to move on. You have loved so much and therefore have hurt so much. Remember to love yourself before everything else, as much as you have loved others. I hope the universe will send you someone you deserve soon. I don't like to hear someone aching because I know how it felt.

  • Thank you all for the advice,

    I have read every single one of them but I cannot reply to all individually.

    I will take of note and keep in mind what you all have said to me.

    So far right now, what the virgo guy and me have is very little. We had a few talks, but still not friends.

    I AM trying.

    I already befriended 4 guys in that class already and I just met them this year, and we all are freaking close! But I haven't befriended the virgo guy I want -_-

    I'm careful on how I act around him, maybe thats the problem... I don't know...

    I just want to accomplish being his friend... but so far progress is very little...

  • To sojolove:

    Oh wow...

    Yeah I read from many of the replies that Virgo rarely fall inlove alot and like not easy girls...

    Last year he only dated one girl (my friend's friend, she asked him out) but they only lasted like 2 weeks.

    This year he was "dating" this other girl but only lasted a few days (they were just trying it out).

    And I think he is a clean freak o_o oh my gawd...

    His clothes always looks new and fresh...! He always has that clean cut appearence...

    Last year 5 guys (one of them twice) asked me out but I turned them all down.

    I haven't dated in over a year already, but I have dated 7 guys already in the past.

    BUT never gave up my first kiss yet lol.

    I am picky and have high standards.

    This year already 2 guys like me, but I said no to both.

    I live by the "Love Defies Logic" so I'm no fool in waiting forever for him, but I will try while I can.

    So we'll see...

    P.S. The 7 guys I dated before... I ended ALL of those relationships, no joke. Can you believe that? Lol.

  • To sheisavirgo - That is the most accurate description of how to deal with a Virgo I have ever read (and I've read plenty given that I am dealing with a Virgo man). I would add though, that no one can take your advice and just start doing these things to try to entice the interest of a Virgo man unless there is real sincerity in her heart for him. I find that mine may like to play mental games of his own, but he has zero interest in any games from me or anything I have to say about "us" that isn't coming straight from my heart, and he DOES know the difference. (Love your P.S. btw, gave me a laugh. So I am thinking that if my Virgo guy not only critiques me, but at a hair-splitting level, then he must care about me more than I ever imagined, lol. I will say though, that he will praise my good qualities just as easily...although it took a long time, and a few trials, to get to that place. You Virgos are a very confusing sign though, and coming from a Cancer such as myself, that's saying a lot. One minute you seem so complicated and the next minute you seem incredibly simple. You probably know what I mean, although most everyone else probably finds that confusing. Cutting through the complexity to get to the simple part is the constant challenge. )

    Cappylady, this is great information for you, but heed shisavirgo's warning to you. I feel a bit like you are playing a game here. Pay attention to the comments here about how difficult it is for a Virgo to find love in a lifetime. If by chance you do reel this guy in, realize the damage you will do if he turns out to be number 8 on your list of dumped guys. If you want to play, go find a nice Sag boy, they love fun and games. My bet is that if you are insincere in your affections for this guy, he will see through you quickly anyway, so do not be surprised if you end up the one disappointed this time around. Good luck!

  • To Jenever7:

    Oh boy I do know that haha.

    But I do not want to play games with this virgo guy I'm after. The other 7 guys I've dated, I never truly liked any of them in any romantic way, ever, no higher then a friend (except for boyfriend number 4) but other then that the others were a way so I didn't have that lonely feeling, till I would deal with without feeling lonely on my own (in other words I don't do it anymore, now I just say no to the guys I don't like). It was pretty stupid of me to use them, but I've learned. And I did break up with them before they wanted to be serious, so they wouldn't grow to this lie. I thought it wouldn't be fair for them. So I ended them.

    If I do get virgo guy, which I can now understand is very hard, ohh mann... but if I do get him. I would not use him because I always been attracted to him and admired him. I would actually... want to try to be "serious" later on if we did get together and it did work out... (on however a "serious" highschool relationship can be... which I really don't believe but it happens haha).

    But apparently, it might not happen, seeing that it's already the end of Oct. and I've made close friends with other guys in that class except for him...


  • Jenever7

    great example: you have to be sincere,because he will see right thru you.more importantly you have to really be into the qualities about. we are so complex i agree.sometimes i wish i wasn't so difficult then i would find love so easily.

  • Sheisavirgo: Wow, your insight is fantastic.

  • To sheisavirgo:

    Hmm... maybe your right.

    But I am really into him though, liked him for 2 years straight already. And finally this year I have a class with him.

    But it's so hard to more than a short small conversations with this guy, he's really nice... ughhh...

    Since I've learned... maybe virgos are too hard to catch...

    Though virgos are one of the good compatibilities with cappy.

    Hmm... maybe I should look for a scorpio -_- ... my best match it says...

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