Getting the heart of a Virgo guy

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm a 15 year old Capricorn girl, now a sophomore in 2009. In the first few weeks of my freshmen high school year (2008), while eating lunch with my friends, I wasn't too interested of the new faces of guys around me in the lunch court area. Then out of no where I saw him. I was... captivated by this guy that I didn't even know. His tall, slim figure. The bold color coming from his clothes, as if his clothes were new and never had been washed before. He was so... clean looking. I couldn't tear my eyes off of him. Out of all the guys in the lunch court, I only saw him.

    A few months I would notice him at lunch or in the hallways. I "observed" him, wanting to know more about this guy. Trying to find a fault or something bad of him so I would stop having this silly crush on this stranger. But I fell more for him. He didn't seem like a player (didn't have alot of girls ganged around him), varsity in soccer at our school since his freshmen year (he's a year older then me), liked to be alone at times (wasn't with his friends 24/7 jeez).

    Some of my friends thought it was stupid of me to feel this way, I thought so too, but I couldn't help it. They told me "You know, you might like him from a far Lilia but you maybe disappointed if you get to know him, since you don't know the guy." I thought about it but it's just that... I had this very very deep feeling that if I knew him... I wouldn't be disappointed.

    Since I was a freshmen and he was a sophomore I didn't have any classes with him. I'm not a shy person at all... oh not at all, I would of loved to get to know him myself by going up to him... but I am smart when it comes to dating, I do believe in man pursuing a woman. So even if I had a class with him I wouldn't talk to him first, that's my rule.

    So my freshmen year went by, no luck. Summer came and I was still thinking about him. I prayed and prayed to God during the summer (I really did) to get at least one class with him in my sophomore year, cause I really wanted to get get to know him. If I didn't get a class with him when I was a sophomore then... I would of been very disappointed and would have to bear another year without knowing that beautiful person.


    God answered my prayers. This year, 2009, as a sophomore, I got a class with him. I was so happy, I mean what were the odds? I was rare because I was a sophomore and now he's a junior. It's already October. Already we've had small talk. Our first encounter, he called out my name (I didn't even know he knew my name o_o) but it was to help him review for a test, but at least it's a start. The class is 15 people. I have 7 people who are my friends in that class. And he has 3. So it was easier to show him my outgoing, loving, fun side. Hehe my friends LOVE me.

    I'm smart and answer very smart answers in class. It's a elective class for if you want to be in the medical field. Yeah, just this year I found out both of us want to be doctors, how cute and awesome is that? I totally want to get that guy hahaha.

    We would have some talk but it was for something in class, no personal get to know one another yet. Sometimes I would catch him looking at me (seriously) I'm not afraid to look people or people that I like in the eye, so I look back but sometimes (alot of times) he would quickly look at something else, it was obvious cause i sit right next to him haha. Dunno if that's a bad or good thing, or if he was just looking, but it happens often and I don't want to think about it too much.

    We're both in sports, I love sports (I'm in varsity tennis, this year he's one of the two captains on our high school soccer team)

    We both want to be in the medical field.

    I was totally captivated by him in just the start my freshmen year.

    Last year he only dated once, this year none yet.

    He's very sweet and nice to talk to.

    People... I really want this guy hahaha!

    It's just the beginning of this year but I know time is running out. Next year we might not have another class and when he graduates I believe that will be it, and i'll have to move on. I want to try really hard to get this person before time runs out. Really to be friends first and get to know him better.

    Please help me. I might be a teen (turning 16 this year in december) but things can happen if I do try, wonderful things.


    P.S. I know he's a Virgo because he has a myspace hehe. And also sorry about the long long forum, I just wanted to tell the details so you can understand my situation. [:

    God Bless.

  • DISCLAIMER: As a Pisces; Virgo is my direct opposite and therefore DOES influence my opinion.

    I have never had a good relationship on any level with a Virgo. In my opinion the marjorty of them are tiresome nags, who [;ay eveil guessing games with you. Very passive/aggressive behavior. However as you are a Capricorn, the dynamics would be different, but if you know enough about yourself and Cappy's in may just smell that smell of a very possible powerstuggle.

    Happy hunting...find yourself a Scorpio or Taurus!

  • Thank you for your comment!

    I really didn't about that in a Virgo haha.

    But I will keep that in mind.

    Yeah, I've found out Scorpio would be good for me in a romantic way.

    Haha we'll just see. [:

  • hello capricorn lady of 16, good luck to you, , , i am a virgo woman, and there is some guy i know in the medical field too, some sports scientst, fuck he cracks me up, he rightly told me to fuck right off, and he deonsn't give a toss, , , i don't know why our eyes rest on each other, some shit, ,, i sat there and he makes coffee, i am studying hospitality tourism and events, and i laught, hehe it was hilarious, but nanayhoo, , , ther is someone else, there always is, , , i din't realise i was such a nightmare oh hear y me. i am a nice person, i love peeps, i would make a lovely wife. so... don't say i am not good. hehe ps ,. my dad is a pisces, hehe that is whay perspns, are just fun : 0 what did the pisces say??? oh shit. . . not again. . . i am screwed. haha well anyone, it is over, ,it always is, so i guess be virgo, , at your own risk, n on one gives a fuck about us. haha oh well. have fun with your boy, i hope you engage really well through your studies, and i am sure there are some great signs of eventual success for both of you 🙂 haha fun.ny xxoopp

  • Aww thank you pipeldot!

    Haha I laughed when you did the pisces saying thing.

    You seem really funny and nice, any man would be lucky to have you!

    And I do really wish you luck too on your love life. [:

    Hope you make the right choice hehe.

    And I know that if I don't get this guy it won't be the emd of the world.

    I will move on haha and maybe meet someone better.

    There are many fish in the sea, as my mom would always tell me.

    I'm just captivated at the moment ;D

    Haha first come first serve.

  • Hi Cappylady,

    Am a scorpio dating a Virgo man. And I can tell U its not an easy task. When U date a virgo, PATIENCE is number one rule. Ive learn that on this forum, as a scorpio it hasnt been easy for me. They are veeeeeeery slow with their emotions, and I think one of the best ways is to be his friend FIRST. They value friendship veeeeeryyyy much, maybe even more than a relationship. They get overwhelmed by their emotions and can even breakup or pull away to regain control. They dont know how to express their emotions. They DO NOT like public expression of emotions.

    But of course everyone is unique, and your virgo might be a little different from mine. But what I just mentionned are virgos general traits.

    Good luck

  • I was in a 5 yr relationship with a virgo man...They girls who are sweet & nice & responsible and not "loose"..........they really fall for niceness, and politeness...but someone who is also not a pushover.....

  • Virgos as I see them only fall in love once in their lifetime. Or perhaps at the maximum two. So if you want to get together with a virgo, then be serious about it or dont do anything. They are not to be played with.

  • Not an expert with Virgo guy either. hardly ever liked them. there is something in virgo that is cold and they can be very cruel with words too. so with me it's either we kill each other or ignoring each other. they can seem quiet harmless but they could snap out without a reason. this is very common I found on virgo guy, but I'm a leo so of course I snap back or hurt him more if I could. that's probably why there is no future in relationship with them for me, not that I want one lol I can't settle with quiet passive guy. it's like a chill on a sunny day, who would want that? I don't, ackk for sure!

    I really don't know how you can get his heart, since I didn't need much effort to get one or two (I didn't know much about Virgo then) so the issue with me is not getting it, it's keeping it. On the other hand, if you like him so much, why don't you ask him out? that doesn't mean you're chasing him. chasing him will be more like if he refuses and you keep asking. but he won't refuse, or at least I don't think he would. you said he looked at you at times, maybe he does have feelings already. I'm a shy person, not like you. but even I had the courage to do so, why don't you? the world has changed. old values are ok, but are all modern values bad and inappropriate? why be passive, if you have nothing to lose? you don't have much time you said it yourself. ask him out. yes or no, you will know soon enough. no more waiting.

  • I am a virgo. And I am cold. I dont give my heart away. I only have fallen in love once in my life, and that was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. Any other relationship has always felt like I was cheating on him. I am a pretty girl. Men beg so much for sex that I wish I could just vomit on them, because it makes me feel violated and disrespected. People should respect that I dont want that. So I am a virgo all the way.

  • Hi, I am a Leo with Scorpio rising and Scorpio moon - so one very confused cat.... I am married to Virgo man - very hard work. I have now started an a realtionship with a Virgo man as well - just as challenging... (both have Scorpio rising).

    As a Leo, I have very strong likes and dislikes, but Virgo man can really undermine the love you are offering him. I am quite a tollerant for a Leo (added water signs mute me down - but still have sting in the tail no less dangerous !!).

    Virgo man likes his ego pampered, but can come down very quickly (like spoilt child) if things dont go their way. I have to put my self into analytical mode to get through some of the issues that come up to with my Virgos (but I find this extreamly draining...) They like order, conformity and can be really boring and self centred to the point of hurting others if they dont agree or get their own way. Both my Virgos are extreamly selfish in personal affection - they want the world to see how good they are - not just their partner - so I am not enough for either of my Virgo men, even though the love I offer is way beyond what they will get from ego.

  • wave to indigodance

    uh oh another leo with scorpio rising , but I have gemini moon. not sure though what it does to me but certainly we feel the same about virgo guy. I never had more than 2 months with them actually so pretty much I never gave it much work I guess. I couldn't stand them. at first they will be shy and quiet, make me curious. and then once they are close they start telling me what to do, down to when I have to wake up. we didn't even live together lol and I was working bizzare shifts at the time, night then day then night again. so who are they to tell me when to sleep and wake up? then one day he borrowed money and never returned it. I had to go with my dad to see his parents to get it back. his parents were mad at me thinking I lied. but when my dad came they were ashamed. so after this incident I never saw him for like 2 weeks whatever I didn't even want to. and then I got a job out of town had to relocate. I saw him in the mall, yep out of town, and he didn't say a single thing to me. I, of course, didn't say anything either. and guess what he called my mom saying he missed me didn't know where I was. lol I was right there in front of him. of course what he meant is that I didn't talk to him first, so he wanted me to know he didn't even know I was there. I said to my mom, "R who?" his name starts with R. hahaha weird huh and I certainly don't like people messing with my money so our relationship was over as soon as my dad had to go see his parents to help me get the money back. I don't mind prideful people, as long as they have what it takes to be proud of. Leo males are not far from prideful either, but they always have something although it's still annoying.

    but yeah, it's lesson to learn. a few of them are hubby's friends, but since hubby and I are fair and open to each other, I watch them closely. it's different though, hubby is a Cap. so he won't trust people easily as I have in the past. I just found out madonna is leo and guy ritchie is virgo. I do think madonna is quite strong personality but yeah I never actually think these two will last anyway. I don't know virgo females in general. I only know one, she is my best friend for 20 years now. there is another one but she is too loud I can't stand her talking so I avoid her.

  • Leoscorpio ..... so true... Virgo man - nice and quite to start with - then total control freaks. Even comments on telephone conversations you are having with your friend (tuts tuts in the background quite loudly as they dont approve of your conversation - yet wants to know the "ins and outs" of what you have been doing but see it as an intrusion if you ask what they have done with thier day ) !!!

    Dont even begin to start me off with money issues.... whats his is his.... whats yours is his.... both my Virgo men are crap with money (and one works with money as a financial advisor) !!! - but funny thing is ..... they cant seem to hang on to their money because of thier bad choices .... and now try to take mine (which I only have because of my own prudence) .... ??? interesting how they seem to think I am the silly one with no brain..... the Lion will have the last roar... belive me....

  • I am just so shocked on how you girls know your VIRGOS!!! and everything yall have been saying, i just keep nodding my head with agreement because we can be like that fa real.... I am a VIRGO woman and I have a VIrgo girlfriend and we knocked heads all the second sign is virgo or Libra....i can't remember, all I know is that i love....LOVE... but my advice fa the girlie with da crush....Hold an intelligent conv with him, VIRGOS love people they can have a great conversation, YES you have to start being his friend first because he will love you better that me that's how i had my first real true love...we were friends first and just show him how much of a woman you are going to becom to be.... so he will want to be that man to serve Everybody.. I'm out

  • yep yep indigo, no worries there. we just have to remember to love ourselves. among all sign, we are the ones who supposed to remember this.

    now I have a blissful marriage with a Cap. maybe, because we have same sign and rising, you can try date them. I hope you find the man you deserve. Actually, I know you will 🙂 keep smiling and don't let anything or anyone hold you back. have fun and spend your money on.. yourself, always. you work for it anyway.

    babievirgo, it was interesting until they started nagging and borrowing money. it ended as easy as it started. I am the woman, I should be the one nagging lol so no more of 'nagging men'. my Cap may be a lot of rules, at least he earns his own money. even the virgo females I know are more independent than the males. maybe I shouldn't be surprised, it's a female sign (virgin). I simply can't start an interesting conversation if I'm no longer interested with the guy lol and no I'd rather Cap any day, nothing else.

  • i knw dat's right...if i wasn't with my girl now....i would be out looking for that SCorpio.... oh and Virgo and piceses or Leo not make good mates at all...i completly agree to dat....I can't stand LEos, but lately some of the closest ppl in my life our LEOS strange...i say

  • hey Babie. it won't fit because my sunsign is leo and my rising is scorpio.

    but if the leos do not have scorpio rising, it might work. don't worry if you can't stand them, I don't think they can stand you either LOL

    I don't have much problem with virgo females though. one of my coolest friends is a virgo girl.

    but yeah, virgo guy is a no-no. I can't stand them nagging. virgo females are independent and can be trusted with a lot of things, they are hard worker too.

    but yeah for me Capricorns are way attractive than Virgo guys.

    glad I married one. I hope other Leos will find what's attractive to them too.

  • Hi I'm a leo, and just like u, it happened to me. I was just busy working at my job and then boom, I saw this man from way across the room and didn't even really know what he looked like up close, but he seemed to keep my attention, and it was like a lightning bolt hit me, really! I have never had that feeling EVER! I never even believed love at first sight could truly happen. Well was I proved wrong. I think it is sweet what u'r going through, however don't let this young man distract u'r studies. U have alot of time to meet real men down the line. What u need to do now is learn who u are. What do u like, how do u see u'rself in 5 years? Do u really love u'rself? Do u conform to other people's way of thinking? It's ok to have friends, because with boy-friends u can filter through all these attributes each personality of them hold and u will start to built that perfect profile of the gentlemen, u are seeking to marry later in the future. Don't let boys distract u'r direction in life, as that is really what they are when u'r young, just like drugs can be to a user, boys can be the barracade to some young girls future's. Always be cautious with them and their motives. I know if I could go back to my younger days, I would not have wasted any prescious energy with boys. That is exactly what they are too. BOYS. Nothing really decent can come out of an immature state of being, being a boy. Once u have u'r career and life together by living alone, having lots of friends, engagements to parties, travelling, and having no expectations to anyone else but ur'self, experiencing that true independance from u'r parent's rules etc, once u have REALLY LIVED and LEARNED about YOU, don't think u'r missing something when society's perception of humans is that we NEED to be in LOVE.. This is FALSE. We need to LOVE OURSELVES first, then and only then will u truly be able to love completely another person. I mean it. Always think with u'r head first, not u'r heart, for u'r heart can lead u astray, and the heart is a treachereous thing, who can keep control of it when it goes off! So in other words, don't open pandora's box unless u r seeking heart ache. Cause until u'r smart enough, tough enough, strong emotionally enough and confident in yourself, positive enough, filled to the brim with love for u'rself, that u are confident enough in the decisions u have made and know exactly what and how u want to be treated by a man. Don't open pandora's box. Don't allow teen movies to mold u into thinking u need anyone to make u happy. Th only one u will ever need to be happy is YOU. Once you are complete in yourself, then u need to add another ingredient to u'r life, and that would be a man. Remember though, allow several MEN into u'r life to fight over you. As u will be a confident lady with alot to offer someone else. Seek a man who is also well developed in all areas of their lives, who are independant, financially stable, and doesn't need you to take care of him in any way, but is a willing partner to be attentive to you, your needs, and wanting to just love you. Of course u will need to filter the garbage ones out and quickly, as there will be ones who will step into u'r life, but don't settle for the first one. As sometimes we can still be tested in areas that we have neglected for awhile and/or think we have a handle on for the moment. So always be cautious as a serpent. Be picky! It pays off! If we didn't have so many girls and woman giving out social sex so much, then we would have men who would have to grow up alot more and be more responsible. They would also learn how to really treat and respect a lady. Men are losing these qualities, and woman and girls who give of themselves freely are the problem to this reality. Why should men change to be respectful, when woman even disrespect themselves. U want a man who pulls a chair out for u, holds u hand, brings u flowers, opens the car door for u etc, and these are sweet, mature, loving, and respectful gestures, that are normal to me, however not so much now adays...don't give out sex, cherish it, and u'rself. U really are special, accept that! In the end, be friends with the young boy, but show him by example, the way u want to be treated and respected. Take care sweetie, sorry to ramble on, but this has been my learning experience in life and I'm 36. Don't be like all the other girls, watch from a distance as u can see all these girls with heartaches, crying on their friends shoulders because they are now hurt from a boy...learn from a distance, don't go into the war and become a casualty. Luv a caring friend.

  • First...i'm surprised by some of you who are just telling her to STAY AWAY instead of schooling her on what to do.Yes it is not easy to tame a VIRGO man at all.But if you know what to have the upper hand.


    First appearence is need to have your feet and nails done all the time.try red nail polish and red must dress sensual but not slutty.VIRGO MEN do not like slutty women.

    you must not appear to be a social butterfly to much.Virgo men like their women to be classy and sophisticated not talking to ever guy in the room.You must love to read,you must love to debate with must love to learn.

    one of the biggest turn on for him is to ask him for his advice and take it.this will make him feel that you trust his leadership and opinions(virgos are always right!!!!)

    You must never let him hear you being disrespectful to your elders,parents..or teachers.

    Show him that you care about the homeless,the dying and the lack of LOVE in the world.

    NEVER put the focus on yourself unless he asks you about yourself (which he will do because virgos love to talk and be interested in others)

    always compliment how good he smells and looks.don't just say "you look nice today"...say "wow,i love how your belt buckle matches your necklace" you get the picture right?

    Try not to use bad language so much.learn how to sit and cross your legs like a lady.ALWAYS TALK TALK TALK.....but allow him his space to crawl in his cave.when he comes out of it he will heavily pusue you.

    ASK him to help you with something....ask him to edit your writing...or at least proof read it.Virgos love to serve. REMEMBER DO NOT USE HIM!!! because he will spot it like a lion smells a gazelle.

    DON'T GOSSIP.he thinks this is tacky for a woman. DON'T talk about all the guys who like you...because virgo men don't like competion.

    DO bake him a nice desert to show him how much you appreciate his friendship.

    DO NOT verbally speak about how MUCH YOU LOVE HIM...he will RUUUUUUUNNNN fsater than a gazelle.

    DO speak words of adoration and admiration. praise him for the good things that he has done.

    "thank you so much _____ for your help with the essay.i wouldn't have passed without you"

    or " I really liked the way you handled that confrontation in the hallway,you were very mature and humble"

    although this may seem corny to most people these are words of love to a VIRGO MAN.

    the reason why you have to be so discreet about LOVING him is that we virgos are naturally destined for singleness.SPINSTERS by heart...we are ok with being alone...this is even more the case with the men than the if they feel like they are obviously falling in love they will run...although they want to be in LOVE. YOU MUST SNEAK IT ON HIM.

    ALways be sexy and womanly. APPEARANCE is your entrance to get you in the door.

    all of the other rules above will keep you in the room.


    p.s.. if he starts to critique you that means he has a heart for you. if he keeps your flaws to himself that means you aren't worth the headache.

  • hi messanger you are so right there

    if she doesn't love herself how would she love anyone else?

    that is a great lesson I learned in my 20s and it pays off. I'm married to a great Capricorn man for almost 9 years going strong. I wouldn't get here if I don't love myself in the first place. I would be just what I was at the time, manipulated. but yeah those times are over now I learned from it.

    I understand what you are trying to tell this girl, being a leo and been there with a virgo guy like you have. but then again she is a Cap, so circumstances could be different in her case. that's why I suggested her to ask him out first. only because that's how I and the virgo guys started. It didn't work in my case though but it might in hers. My parents disliked those guys for borrowing money and not returning until they have to go talk to their parents. I also lost interest in them plus I met a Cap at the time too, not my hubby but I kind of liked him a bit.

    Anyway I hope you and Indigo find the love you deserve. If you have, that's just great news. I am certainly blessed in my marriage with this Cap. maybe, just maybe, you can try dating a Capricorn. Don't know if it would work for you, since Indigo has the same rising as mine, she might be able to get along with them. but other than that, you pretty much say it all about loving ourselves first.

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