So worried :(

  • Well , I feel lightheaded few times a day , some fatigue and a slightly weak . This is really scaring me 😞 I've been through so much in my life already and I'm just fed up . I generally suffer from anxiety and stress and this is causing me to feel even more worried . Please help someone !

  • Hi Littlespark,

    Have you been to the Doctor yet? Perhaps the best way to alleviate your stress and anxiety over this is to have a check up and make sure there is nothing physically wrong with you first up. Fear of the unknown will just make you feel worse (and we can all imagine the worst!!!) This should put your mind at ease, then you can investigate further into emotional or other causes.

    Best of luck with it all. Try to relax, meditate and create a special place in your mind to go to and take some time out to pamper yourself occasionally also, even if it is just a soak in a nice bubblebath with scented candles around, some relaxing music playing and i've even gone the glass of wine and good book while soaking! Aahhhhhh, heavenly!

  • Please read through the thread "Why are you complaining?". I started that thread in hope that it would help people to stop worrying and stop complaining about their lives and situations. Click on my name in this post, and you will see a list over my activities in this forum. I only have started one thread, so it should be easy to find. I think also Wenchies advices are good to follow.

  • littlespark I agree with Wenchie. Please see a doctor. I was taking my vitamins and I was still tired all of the time. I had other physical problems too but I contributed them to work. So go as soon as possible and find out. It will relieve the unknown and you can go forward to work out the rest. You'll be better for it.

  • life is not meant to be fun all the time. sometimes you are thrown a lesson and you need to learn it or else you will be stuck and the same lesson will be thrown at you again. it's like the universe is throwing you a ball, you either catch it and throw it back or you don't catch it and get injured. I didn't have a good life since I was born actually. only when I hit 30 I started to learn more about spiritual things and not material, that I learned to achieve balance and not so much aggravated by life experiences anymore. the universe still throws me balls of hardships, but now I am able to catch some of them and throw them back.

    I don't know what happened, what you have gone through, but in this economy a lot of people are depressed so don't feel alone. it could also be caused by people around you. they are depressed and worried and unconsciously try to 'steal' your energy. because probably they see you in better situation or they simply need it. then you feel drained.

    if it's only depression though, medical doctor should be able to help. if it's more of energy level, you need protection. because medication only cures you, not blocking bad energies or stopping others to steal your energy. which one do you feel you really need?

  • Is it possible that you could be pregnant?

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