• hello my name is n im only 17 i dont want to start anything but my mind n dreams tell me its not going to happen but yes a serious event does happen in that month for the past year after i heard of 2012 . A NUMBER CAME INTO MY MIND AND EVERYTIME I SAY IT I HAVE A SERIES OF FLASHES THE NUMBER IS 78697 BUT IT ALSO CHANGES TO 76987

  • and what i have seen is overly terrifying theres either going to be a massive plane collision with a another plane or it will crash into a train n then theres something else i see someones hand reaching out to a church its not mine becuase i have freckels n then you can slowly see the flame insinerate the persons hand so maybe its with doomsday or the accident with the planes or trains is that. i mean yea im only 17 n im starting to see n hear things that havent even happen im worried. yes i did think at first 2012 is real but my marsk told me it isnt ive also seen an invasion so if it does happen only specific ones will be able to survive im sorry if none of this makes sense n im not some kid making up a silly story or anything. iam telling the truth i see things,hear things before it happens maybe a couple of seconds or days before it happens but im not lying n i can get around to why i can ive broken down in tears becuase i cant get anyone to explain it . thank u for taking your time n reading this blessed be saftey to all. j.d.

  • Dont be afraid of 2012. We need to stop thinking about the bad and try to live life to the fullest. And instead of being afraid we need to think of a way to stop 2012.

  • I do not believe everything will end in 2012.

    there IS a unbelievable configuration with the planets lining up to form a cross.

    I have been going through some very rough times in the past 2 years, saturn left my sign finally, but so many people I know are going through huge and upsetting changes and events in their lives.

    I think that we, as humans, are being put through such rough times because we do not have much longer. The more rough times we go through, the faster we perfect for our Lord.

    Something will happen I think, when the planets align in the cross... not sure if it is 2012 when that happens.... I dont think we are going to have a doomsday... but I think we are going to have to face what we as a people have done to the planet and we are going to have to learn how to live without our many conveniences. Maybe even the internet.

    I wish that I could see or speak to spirit guides, etc.

    I have been told that I am psychic but all I can do is kind of "analyze" people.

    there is no confirmation on if I am right or not half the time.

  • Greetings to all,I am a new member to tarot.com and am not familiar with the cards or thier meanings.However,in reffrence to 2012 I would just like to give my personal opinion on that date. I am quite sure that everyone here remembers Y2K,people were scrambling around in fear of all sorts of computer disasters because computers were not set-up for the change from 1999 to 2000,right! Well 2012 won't be anything like that.Y2K was a man made threat, 2012 is nature at it's rarest form. In fact we are as we speak, slowly being thrust into it. We just aren't paying any attention to it. The closer we come to the cosmic alignment of the earth,sun and the dark rift of the milkyway,the stronger the gravitational pull of the sun on the earth is. This is why we are experiencing so many natural disasters now,and the closer we come to that date,the more focused and pronounced they will become. Yes the Mayan's made these predictions thousands of years ago,but science has confirmed it in the here and now and it is happening right now. So,believe it or not it really doesn't matter,the question is prepare for such an event . The world as we know it will be thrust into caos and anarcy,the closest I can come to an example is "MAD MAX" and we all will be seeking the thunder dome. Thank you all for taking the time to read my opinion,and please remember that it is just that,"my opinion" . Again thank you and please render some feedback with your opinions. GODSEYE looking out for your best ...

  • I am in the same opinion about this as Godseye and although I have been told I am clairvoyant and anointed, I'm not sure what that means. I have also been told I have been reincarnated many times. So who knows?

    However, none of that is either here, nor there.

    I am of the mind to think, there is nothing we can do, we must adapt and survive, for those of us left to do so. The rest of us will move on in our spirit form. We are not in control. We never have been. We never will be.

    Can a human control a hurricane? No! Can a human control how much rain or snow that comes? No!

    Seriously, what it comes down to, humans can't even control their own lives. Why? because firstly, we are not in control, secondly, we have lost the connection needed to our god, to the universe and to ourselves, but even if we had that, we still would not be in control. Control is an illusion. Even the strongest minded and spiritual among us are not in control and the wisely, they already know that.

    Self not excluded, in that illusion.

  • what i meant to say at the end there was, that the wise among us, already know that.

    I might also add, that, the creator, the universe and nature is the reality, of what and who is in complete control.

  • Awe kay I am happy to hear you being so positive and confident after all you have been through bless you sweet heart. I hope all is well in your world. ( :

  • lovinmylife,

    Thank you, actually this is who I am most of the time. I just hit a spot in the road of life, that had a huge whole in it, I have times of depression and some are worse then others, the most recent one was the worse its been in over a year. I'm still having my moments, but I am handling them better. I don't know how I would of gotten through with out this forum of good people and the support of people in my life. I am sure I will fall again, but I know I have people in my life that will catch me when I fall.

    love and blessings.

  • This just proves to me more and more that God is real. Prayer works. We all knew you have it in you. Dont worry you will get through this. I have been having alot of ups and downs as well. I know how that feels. Have a great day. ( :

  • Thank you again, lovinmylife.

    I am trying, I really am.

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  • HELLO TO ALL.What an interesting post, I have read that the planets will all line up and that only happens every 26 thousand yrs, and this is what the Myans where recording with stopping their calender on December 21 2012, I also agree the world is a mess and there are too many greedy selfish individuals on this earth with no conscience, no morals and many of them are in powerful positions., I think The Almighty and The universe is working to correct all of that and something will happen for the benefit of all who are living in poverty, with poor harvest , tainted water full of bacteria and controlled with demon like Governments & Authorities. I pray for a better world for all of us who really care and want justice for all. This site has certainly made me aware of the goodness and kindness of peoples hearts, I have been encouraged and often feel like we are all friends & I think that is amazing Thank you to all......... LEONIDA

  • Absolutely on all counts, LEONIDA

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  • This post is deleted!

  • haven't read them all but would like to clear some things up for you all 2012 is NOT about the end of the world or the planets aligning up it is about the cosmic cross and the arrival of our solar system arriveing in a more energic part of the universe and when these divine energies arrive in our lives it is an oppurnity for us all to step up and evolve in the spiritual sense it will be our chance to fetch in a new age of love and peace and a new way of thinking Apocolypse greek for lifting of the veil we should all be preparing for this and opening our hearts to love and now is a time to let go of passed hurts and move on there are plenty of prophecy sites inciting fear and woe about 2012 this will have a negative impact on the 2012 and our evolution I would like to point out this date can be found in the Mayan calendar, I ching, Vedas, Sans script and many more it should not be a time of worry but more of a time to rejoice that we are alive to witness these times, look at events in the middle east and there awakening also if you are not sure on these events check out the shift of the ages website run by mayan elders to spread the message of love and peace to all hope this clears some things up

  • Hi,

    I am an Empath and when seeking to understand my gift more. I came to spirital messages around Akashic reorfds at first, then information about 2012. Poetic555 has started quited a few threads on this in case you are interested in reading. I created a thread called Blue Ray Acension in hope to share the experience and visions between myself and others. I see bits and pieces of what may come, but above all one must keep growing and helping each other and remain positive no matter what comes and when. I just ran across this thread this morning and felt drawn to share.


  • 🙂

  • does actualy anyone post on this thread ?

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