• Hello and good morning to you all!!

    I have a question, has anybody asked the cards what's going to happen in 2012?

    It will be a very interesting topic, since everybody seems to have different opinions.

    Any help? has anybody tried???

  • I have not but now you have me thinking. Though there has been a lot of fear associated with 2012, I am trying to stay positive and believe the change will be a great one. I think I am going to try and think of a good spread to ask the question with and then I will post what I get. Have you done it, queenofwand?

  • yes, I have.

    I asked, 'what will happen to the earth on december 2012? and got

    judgement, strengh, knight of wands.

    then I asked "what will happen to human beings on december 2012? and got

    7 of wands, 2 of cups , 3 of cups.

    very interesting right?

  • That is very interesting. I think it is similar to some of the theories of what will happen in 2012. And the outcome is a nice one, hopefully this really wll bring us all together. I asked the cards what will happen to the world at 2012? I received the Five of Wands, Four of Pentacles, and the Three of Cups. I pulled a shadow card of Two of Wands. This is pretty interesting and funny that we both received three of cups.

  • I see the 3 of cups more like unification and working together than celebartion.

  • I asked my mentor about this and she asked her spirit guide. she was told that what will happen is the resut of what we have done. we have not created a world that supports life, humans, animals, plants. she was shown what will happen but she was told not to tell me or anyone.

    she also told me that spirits don't die, so we shouldn't cling on what will happen physically. I understand this. I am planning to ask my own spirit guide but yeah I feel that she would say the same thing so I'd rather ask for guidance, which is what she is giving me all this time anyway.

  • Wow leoscorpion thats pretty good.

    I am certain that something WILL happen, I dont know what, and dont want to know either.

    Most of the people are in denial about this, just because they dont WANT nothing to happen.

    Is just how I say to people that dont believe in tarot and divination "just because you dont believe it, does not mean its not real"

  • Can you clarify to me what will happened.

  • I agree with you Queenofwand about the three of cups. I see it more as unity and friendship, coming together with loved ones and strangers. The judgement card makes sense in relation to what Leoscorpion said. I agree with your mentor. I think judgement means we will be forced to deal with the consequences and actions of the human race. I have thought that this whole time. But it is awesome that you asked your mentor Leo and her spirit guide said something similar. I think that message ties into the cards we pulled. People are definitely in denial, but we have to start doing our part to try and change things. Enviromentally and the way we treat each other. With people when we are filled with fear, we try to act as though it doesn't exist. But you are right queenofwand, just because you don't believe in it doesn't mean it isn't real.

    Purita, I would say just google the numbers 2012 and see what you get. There are many, many theories as to what will happen on 12/21/12. Some say it is the end of the world, the polar ice caps will melt, there will be a time of reckoning, or that something large will happe that will either seperate or bring together the human race. Some say nothing may happen as it is just the end of the Mayan calendar and they may have never gotten a chance to finish their new one. Look it up and see what you think. But don't panic, regardless of what you read.

  • I was going to ask my own spirit guide about 2012. but since I have asked the universe to send her to me, for guidance purpose and not about the future, I don't want to ask that question since she might not be pleased and leave me.

    My life purpose is to learn and share what I have learned. when I have learned and shared what I need to learn and share, then it is time for my spirit to go hence my body will die. It doesn't matter when, the universe has its own timing and nobody can delay that. you might think that if you know when you will die, you can do something. the truth is, when the time comes, you will find that absolutely nothing can stop it. maybe you had cancer and had survived it before, well this time you won't. It will come back, and it will do so with force. because it is your time to go and saying 'no' is out of the question. you have all the right to fight for your survival, in fact this is also another lesson you need to learn. the universe won't keep you from fighting it for that reason.

    everything and everyone goes through life and death cycle. even planets. I just read the news about suicidal planet. which is quite funny lol but this goes to say that just humans, earth has its cycle. when it's time to go, it will go. it doesn't matter 2012 or 2100. in fact with this date 2012 being so popular, the universe might actually make it so, to see how we deal with it. what would you do, when fear of the future is hanging on a lot of people's minds? I would keep going with my plan to have a baby. what would you do?

  • I can see where you are coming from Leoscorpion. I wouldn't want my spirit guide to go away either so I would be careful with what I do ask. I think that knowing death is coming does not make things better. It makes things worse. People plan around something that may seem inevitable but never is. I believe in people have destiny but I also feel nothing is concrete or solid, the future is not set in stone as they say. One action changes another action which sets off another action and then you are stuck with a different consequence. The universe feeds off of our vibrations, movements, and feelings and since those are constantly changing, I think the universe is constantly changing. This reminds me of Y2K, in 1999 when everyone was all freaked out, said the end of the world was coming, technology was going to crash, people were stocking up on food and water. But the possibility of the end just made people act mad, it didn't make people come together. I think that no matter what does happen on 2012, we have an obligation to learn from our past mistakes. To get together with other people and support one another. The world is changing and personally I think that it is a message to us to change. Whether the people on top do is another story, but we as individuals have the ability to act accordingly in our everyday lives. And because so many people are concentrated on an event, maybe this will manifest itself. Into what, no one can be sure for certain.

  • 2012 its really funny that this is on here this topic has come up in a few of my conversations in the last few weeks. il start by saying me personally if 2012 does bring the end to humans cool with me 🙂 yea some people think im really crazy for saying that. but think about it, it wont matter! there was but will be no more, there wont be books or anyone to tell anything too show... what will the existance of human life even matter, we were here and then we were not that will be that. end of story. spirits and god and religion can give people the ideas and fear of the future, fear of life and after life it gives ideas it gives hope its what ever you take from it. just like our lives now, we have them we can make and take what ever we want to from our experience here on earth. to me thinking the world will end in 2012 makes me feel relieved.. my bday is december 20 il live to be 22 and one day that sounds perfect to me!!!!!!

  • true universal

    I meant that post for purita, but thanks for confirming.

  • Hello I am new here and after reading a few posts I felt compelled to post.

    For years I've been told by numerous people that I'm some sort of "vessel" or gate towards whatever is happening in 2012. Then recently another person who calls himself a demon in human form, said I held spiritually a "map to Armageddon" within my heart chakra. I'm not sure if this guy is just plain off his rocker but it still makes me question why so many others have said similar things. I cannot contact any spirit guides nor can I figure out how, and while I've always been completely obsessed with finding proof of the "astral plane" I've come up with nothing. But being called the harbinger or the like has left me really really..well confused...

  • This post is deleted!

  • I actually wrote a forum thread on my own website quite abit ago about some stuff that me and my aunt picked up in a spiritual circle a couple of months back but i dont think im going to link to my forum on here as some of the things i wrote down may not be easy for some people to take, What i will say from what i have seen coming that aslong as we all stick together and find the strength to make it through whats to come we stand a greater chance, My aunt was told from her spirit guid the same as leoscorpians mentor was told that, what will happen is the result of what we have done as humans the way we have treated our planet so poorly, she was also told that what is coming, many will say it is armagedon and many will blame god but thats when it comes down to it isnt god that has caused these disasters its our mistakes but the upcoming events wont be armagedon it wont be the end of the world many will live to create a better world were people will be closer and learn from past mistakes. Sorry if my post was quite unreadable im not the best at writing stuff down when im reeling it off from memory. I cant be sure but i feel events may occure before the year 2012 building upto a much larger event on the year 2012, i personly hope im wrong about everything but everything happens for a reason i guess.

  • Hi all, Have just joined and have been reading through the posts. As far as I can tell from what I have been told by my guides aqelec is the closest to the scenario that will occur leading up to 2012 and on The Day. A series of events that will lead us to greater acceptance of what will be after the main event, so to speak.

    I also have to respond to those who fear asking their guides certain questions. Although future questions are generally not answered, I have never heard of a guide leaving anyone for that or any other reason. Every so often I try it on mine and get told, No future questions. It has become a bit of a game in a sense to see whether I can catch them out, but I never do.

    Whether a guide is summoned, is just there or chooses you, they make a commitment to be your guide. They do so willingly. If they didn't they wouldn't be very effective. Guides, like all of us, must ultimately answer to a higher awareness.

    to TheWhiteWolf. The map you hold is just a map and like any map it can be used in many different ways. The demon in human form only sees it as an aid to his agenda, but it is an aid to many different agendas. Take Wenchie's advice. This should lead you to answers that you need and the path that you are meant to take.

    Thanks for taking the time to read through this

  • 2012

    This nation is not remotely ready for the changes coming. 9 months before 21-12-12, you will start to see a rapid decline in human civilalisation. People should prepare themselves for an almighty change!

    This isn't about doom and gloom, but human beings haven't prolonged their earthly life, they have damaged it and the 'earth' itself will need to 'repair' itself.

    Human beings are their own disease. Which they cannot find a cure, for the greed, ego's, and negatively thinking people. As the greedier get richer and the poorer get poorer the world is over balancing onto one side, so no doubt a 'tidal wave' will hit to 'cleanse' the disease.

    Life will continue, but the mass destruction will be one of non-imaginable sense. If every person in the world would halt the 'diease' RIGHT NOW, this planet could be saved. But human beings are on a fast route to sabbotage themselves through greed.

    A high number of people will be saved. The shock the humans face cannot be imagined.

    It is suggested that you find faith, turn to god, his angels, your guides.

    Do'nt stop living, but understand that just because your psychial body goes, your spirit lives on forever. Try to start doing good from now, love your neighbour, friends and family and cleanse your soul of negativity, greed and egos.

    Get ready for the change starting in April 2012 (a new disease is formed (like the plague).

    Get ready for the change starting Feb 2011 - a new wave of wasps or some form of flying insects comes in

    Get ready for the change, Jan a great passing over (someone in government a high pwered person)

    Get ready for the change... a higher number of children are born between May 2011 - May 2010 (the new human race)

    Get ready for the change... the world will get better, this planet will grow stronger

    The world doesn't end 2010 - 21- 12, BUT A MIRACLE IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

  • wow misanbond!! your post makes me exited and scare at the same time!

    I know that people might not like what Im going to say, but since a while ago, I think that humans are like parasites, yes I know there are good people out there,but it looks like there is more evil than good.

    We destroy everything! me personaly I LOVE LOVE nature, since a little girl I have a very strong emotion towards the earth and plants and animals. It makes me so sad to remember when I was very little and there where pristine rivers and beauty in my home land, now, nothing!!!! rivers are dry, no more beauty just people.

    I actually want something to happen,so the earth could clean it self. humans are very evil.

  • Greetings all. I agree with everyone! there will be big change comming. but as said we need not ask for what the future holds. as for we need to live for now build now better now! the human race has nomore empathy for one another , no more love , there are a few that has these things and use them every day as i do. but when you have people that are too smart for their own good and start messing with nature , nature takes back and shows its smarter! fear not whats to come fear what has already been done and try to heal and make it better. i am a mother and only hope that my son can have a positive better furture then what it looks like now. live in positiveness , hope for the better and love thy mother earth!

    blessings all

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