In need of a lot of advice, pisces man capricorn woman

  • so yeah ive totally fallen for this one, like want to be with her for maybe the rest of my life but lets just say theres comunication issues. we have totally different ways of handleing relationships and its takeing its toll on us.. so im a pisces-sun scorpio-moon cancer-riseing (my venus is in aries) her, capricorn-sun, aquarious-moon, virgo-riseing an her venus is in the same sign as her sun..capricorn, hopefully thats enough information to get what im looking for so yeah if anyone thinks they can shed some light on this id really appreciate it

  • I don't know about all that... but I'm having problems w/my capricorn friend (best friend untill a couple of weeks ago) and the last few days it's been hell for me , I'm scorpio (check my first post from today) I always read my horoscope here but lately I started reading hers and oh god!! it's been like right on the money , about that I read or watch somewhere that capricorns have the black moon over them and something else in retrograde..... and I can tell you it's been affecting capricorn in a weird way.

  • yeah? huh.. these effing things never work for me anyways

  • not sure about rising signs but I know a bit about Cap in general. They are ambitious and a stubborn one at that. if they have an ambition, the best thing you can do to avoid fights is to support her. they are very keen at being successful, they can be heartless to those they feel are blocking or slowing them down. this is very apparent on the male Cap, but doesn;t mean the females will let you slow them down too. that's just who they are in general. I don't know what happened between you and her, but Caps are traditional. they hold traditional values because they believe them as respectable and of course it's true in some cases. cross the line and you will regret it. so far this is all I can say. if you share more probably more people can relate and respond.

  • This relationship has problems in expressing and showing emotion. An Aquarius moon tends to be more detached in the belief that expressing gooey emotion is not cool.

  • Find a nice cancer. As a pisces woman who fell hard for a capricorn man, I can tell you that while there is great attraction, they are difficult at best. Like hitting your head against a wall. And, you are scorpio moon, cancer rising. You will not belive the ease with which you will get along with another water sign, not pisces. Bet you are suffering, and I feel for you. You look at relationships so differently from her. That will not change.

  • thanx for all that foreal. more than anything its trust issues and i have this feeling shes.... yeah, what i think i need right now is some help frm a psycic... i just feel like i dont know anymore. an yeah my heads already bloody

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