Prepare yourself for "We Need to Talk" by Sign

  • With all this deep Venus retrograde energy circling us, you may have already come to the conclusion that you want out of your current relationship or romantic connection.

    Breakups are sucky... not only the recovery process but the actual dumping itself. I've been on the both the receiving and initiating side of a breakup, and I honestly couldn't tell you which I prefer. They're both rough.

    You may be wondering if there is anything you can do to make the breaking up process a little easier. To which I will say, yes! Yes there is. Here is some Astrology advice for how to breakup with each zodiac sign...

    I once had to breakup with a Cancer (probably the hardest breakup I've experienced), and he had a really hard time accepting it. It's advised to let a Cancer know that they'll always have a place in your heart, but to allow them space to get over you. My big mistake was that I agreed that we could be friends too soon after the split. Because he still clung to the security of our dead relationship, it made that initial breakup difficult and drawn out.

    Do you feel like these breakup tactics are true? What experiences have you had while ending relationships with certain signs?

  • I am a cancer woman.
    Losing the loved ones is my biggest fear. As cancerians are very emotional its very hard for us to let go. Each and every break up I had in the past hurt me deeply but the hardest one was breaking up with my Virgo ex.
    Usually It takes atleast 2 years for me to get over a break up completely. I love to cling to the people I love and want to never let them go.
    But when I am done with someone I never go back. My shell will be closed for them forever.

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