Im cufused with my aquarius man help me plzz

  • ok hi im a virgo and my boyfriend is aquarius he tells me that he wants to change for me and be with me more but doesnt do it he rather be with his friends but tells me every night that i mean alot to him and that when he goes to school in cali he wants to take me can any one help me figure this out thanks

  • Morgan7890 -- Always remember that Words and Actions Must Match, if they don't then walk away instead of wasting precious time

  • thank u very much i am probably going to do that I'm tired my feelings for him are there but i cant take it no more

  • Im sorry to hear that Morgan, but honestly he is the only one that can change If he Wants to. This seems to be taking an emotional toll on you as it would anyone. Save yourself before you become more emotionally invested/exhausted. Do this for you. Take care of yourself. There are many people in the world that will treat you right, do what they say, say what they mean, and their words and actions will match. Have faith my dear!

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