Is it too soon to be thinking of someone else?

  • I am currently in the divorce process, my marriage has been breaking down for the past 3 years. I found out my husband had cheated on me, despite him denying it, and there were countless other things to do with texts, infidelity, I can't go into as I don't have time; but basically my love and respect for him died the ngiht I found evidence online he had cheated.

    So that was four years ago, I haev since had another baby who is 1 1/2 years old. I am mum to 2 young children.

    Anyway, I came across a man by complete accident, when I saw him I was completely stopped in my tracks as it was like I had fallen in love at first site and made a connection with him. I am sure he felt the same as me I could just feel it.

    To cut a long story short, since I did some work for his family (he is a single dad, I am a single mum) I haven't stopped thinking about him. I've never been out to look for a relationship, but I was so unhappy for the past 4 years I think a bit of happiness wouldn't go amiss.

    I haven't been out for 4 months, am sort of housebound on an evening due to having two small children.

    The man works mends fridges for a living and I asked him to have a look at mine cos it makes funny noises. He is supposed to be comign on Sat. to repair it.

    When he came to have a look a week ago, I was a blithering wreck when he went. I found it hard to breath and my heart was literally pounding out of my body, so it felt!

    He has beautiful eyes, I was just taken aback at the feelings I had for him and he was only here for two minutes,

    He's kind, generous, considerate, has been through the mill like me.

    I'd like to see him after the fridge has been repaired, perhaps as friends to start; but what do I say to get him to be my friend, I don't ask men out per se, I'm not looking for love but maybe it was put in front of me, I don't know.

    What do you guys think anyway? Your advice is appreciated.

  • Hey. Breathe first lol. Anyway yes try to get to know him and say that to him next time you two talk. If you need companionship then do it. Be happy love again. Don't let the past stop you from the now!!!!

  • Thanks, yes you are right, I wouldn't say I need companionship, in fact I wasn't looking for anyone, but he walked into my life and I'm like wow a real connection; may not turn into anything but I'd like to get to know him more.

  • It sounds like one of those times when there is an instant attraction. You said that you were sure that he felt the same--you didn't say why. I would be careful w/thinking that he is thinking the same as you. I believe the best advice I can give you is to be yourself. Also, be confident in yourself. You all do have children in common. He has a family, like you do, so that's a start. You might want to mention that you like him! I know how you feel, if that helps. Just be yourself. Talk to him like you would a friend, maybe you can help him w/something.

  • I just felt he likesme, I don't even know him but I just felt an attraction between us both. But I will take a step back and be realistic. I aint pushing anything

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