Imaginary Friends When You Were A Kid

  • Well hello CoffeeGem funny you should ask. Not really its pretty common. When I was very young I had an imaginary friend and it was a little boy and his dog. I even had my mom set a place at the table for him. Later when I was in high school I heard my girlfriends mom talking about her littlest daughter having an imaginary friend too. Somewhere while growing up I heard someone say that when a child plays with an imaginary friend its because the don't have anyone else to play with. So I thought it was true. A few years ago after I was introducted to a New Age store I picked up a book that people were talking about. And as I was reading this authors books I found that she had a friend too as a child and the explanation that was given was that is guide that comes and looks after you and helps you when your young and they come in a form that we won't be afraid. And you know all of a sudden a calm came over me and I felt so good to know that I wasn't as strange as I thought I was. The author was Mary Summer Rain. Her first book I ever read was Spirit Song. Most of her books were written in the eightys and its about her experiences with a blind indian woman who knew her name. She met her walking in the woods of Colorado. You might enjoy her books. Check out for used books. I hope you feel much better about your friend now. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

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