What is there to do whenyou have nothing left?

  • Since I was born I have had negative energy surrounding me affecting everything I do. I was told that this may have been caused by someone that my grandma on my fathers side might have known. maybe a dark haired woman. I was told that it has effected my family for awhile but there is no way for me to find out since both my grandmother and My father had recently past away. I this is even the root cause is there anything I can do without knowning who or why this negative energy has draped me for so long? I still have a positive attitude and believe in my soul that things will change.Only I have deamons surrounding me? I know, it sounds like Whoa even writing this knowing that people will see but I can see them in every picture that is taken o me or around me. I have shown these photos to a handfull of people, believers and non and they too see them. everyone brushes it off like they were never shown to them not speaking another word of the photos. These spirits do not bother me other than there fingernails piercing every part in my body. I also have these visions that I need to speak to someone about. Please if anyone can help...Im not going anywhere? Anytime soon that is.

    Thank you so much,BN.

  • Are you into Church? maybe you can speak to someone in your Church for help. Has your parents offered you that type of help, Maybe you need to turn to the bible. And not turn to man. You need to read and study the bible. I am sure you will find the answer there,

  • Good answer, Worthy.

  • Hi, I would cleanse yourself and area of these spirits. I had to do this recently and it worked. Who really knows how and why they are showing up. I guess they can be anywhere. Anyway, get yourself a cup of water, dip your hand into it and sprinkle yourself and area. While doing this say I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You don't have to wait until you sense that they are present. Be sure you tell them that God does love them and peace be with them.

    As Worthy suggested, it would be good to get into a church.

  • What a wonderful suggestion Dalia.

  • Hanged Women,

    There are so many very experienced people connected to this web site that I am sure will start responding to your post. What you are experiencing is a problem for many people (whether they no it or not). There are many, many, ways to deal with it. Give it a couple of days and I am sure you will have many different responces to your problem.

    Good luck and I hope your pain ends soon. I will send Angels your way and pray for you.

  • Hello BrandNicoleH,

    I was once told & did this myself. Take salt, spread it around your whole property of where you live. While doing this say that no bad, evil or negative entities are allowed in. Bless yourself & your loved ones with the white light. I would also cleanse you whole house, with sage.

    I hope this will bring you some comfort.


  • it sounds like you need an expert to help you with this. you said it has affected your family too. so this is not because of you, it is simply because you are a family member. someone in your family has done something that deepy hurt someone. this can go probably go back far in terms of years. whoever it is that was hurt, had sent your family bad wishes. these wishes manifest into bad energies that have been ripping your life apart.

    I'm not saying your family is responsible for it. because they might have done what is right and the other person can not accept it. energy is an air form. anyone or anything can send you good or bad, as long as they know your full name. doesn't even need a location, means you can move and yet it will still follow you. I have had experiences with something similar, but it doesn't follow me. I was renting a place and when I moved out, it didn't follow me. so in my case I only use sage incense to clean the place that I rented until I moved out and no one else aside from me is affected. the place I rented used to be a church minister's place or something related to church. but since you said it has disturbed not only you but your family, unfortunately incense alone won't be enough.

    I would suggest going through old stuffs handed down from previous generation. I'm sure every family has them. See if you can feel any bad energy coming from them. If you do, by all means, throw them away or better yet, destroy and burn them. make sure every single piece is burnt out, don't leave any one piece still in good shape. and don't sell them or give them away, because the bad energy might harm others too. if you feel it but want to be sure, take a picture and see what comes out in the images. if anything, go with what you feel. you certainly are more sensitive than everyone else.

    if the objects in the photos are clear enough, try find out who they are. make a copy of them and take them to an expert, someone that studies spirit or a medium. do you know a relative that your family doesn't talk to for wahtever reason? they might know something and that could be why your family doesn't talk to them. don't give up, someone somewhere must know.

    did you also check your family history online, or in the library? it might help to find any previous disputes or trials or something of that nature. It's true that these are in the past, but sometimes you can't make ammends without knowing it. and you will be stuck like this forever.

    If I may ask, how is your family? are you guys close? when you go home, does it feel like going to a safe place or you cant wait to get out again? just be honest to yourself, if you can't say it here. sometimes, it's just a clash of energy. I heard about someone whose son was 'not well'. he was born fine until he started seeing things and his family wasn't happy with it, putting him into medication and keep him under 'control' that way. He never recovers, and the visions don't go away, because they supposed to deal with it in a different way. this is actually a lesson for his family that they don't want to learn. he's been vegetables for almost 15 years now at least that was when I came to know him. I didn't know at the time, what to say. It's just that when he said he saw things, I actually have seen similar things. but his family was religious, so they thought he was seeing evil or something lol weird. if it's really evil, there won't be long before violence takes over that man and the family will be victimized. and if they think it's evil, medication is simply out of the question. anyway I hope this helps. if you can't find any information, you need to see an expert. a medium or anyone that can communicate with spirits. I don't think it's evil, it's just not good for you. but until you have all the facts on hand, you can't find out exactly how to get rid of it. different things need different solution.

  • I asked my mentor about this and she asked her spirit guide. she was told that what will happen is the resut of what we have done. we have not created a world that supports life, humans, animals, plants. she was shown what will happen but she was told not to tell me or anyone.

    she also told me that spirits don't die, so we shouldn't cling on what will happen physically. I understand this. I am planning to ask my own spirit guide but yeah I feel that she would say the same thing so I'd rather ask for guidance, which is what she is giving me all this time anyway.

  • o o wrong post. the above is for 2012 discussion.

  • I also am experiencing something similar except I don't see the evil entities in photos I just feel them. It's usually the strongest when I'm alone. So strong sometimes that I hate to be anywhere alone. I know it's not something in my head b/c I've had the same feelings since I was four years old and saw something that then I would have called a demon in a church I was attending.

    I don't know how to get rid of them either, but what has helped for that moment is to call on the Arch Angel Michael, and believe that he's come and rid the demonic or evil entities from surrounding you. I know it might sound strange, but I've found that it brings a peace to you.

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