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  • Hi All,

    I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that is is against our policy to post any personal email addresses on the forums. Thank you or your understanding.

    Tarot.Com Admin

  • Your policy is understandable, but there may very well be times when a member would like to connect confidentially. It would be wonderful if you could figure out a way to allow us the option to connect with other members aside from the forum - some sort of site e-mail system that still maintains our anonymity. I suppose that's asking a lot, but I hope that you will give it consideration. I confess, I violated your policy in one of my postings, using an alternative to my primary e-mail address of course, just so that I could discuss an issue more deeply with someone in confidence. We have developed a marvelous friendship and I daresay that her friendship has proven life-altering for me in many ways . I might even say the same for her.

    There are some awesome people here in Tarot.com Land and it would be great to have the option to get to know some better, in a non-public forum and in a way that offers the option to accept or reject invitations for more contact. It is risky divulging one's personal e-mail but I suspect, that like myself, there may be times when one's concern for another's state of mind out-weighs the risk of posting an e-mail. Sorry for being a rule-breaker, but it was worth it in my case. I will try to heed your reminder going forward, but please, think about what I have said here. Thank you!

  • I agree. Having a way to message someone personally would be fantastic! Otherwise people will probably continue to violate your rule. Sorry.

  • Sorry but I too have violated that rule and have spoken to some lovely people via email. I gave an alternative to my usual email address (a new address I set up specifically for this purpose) and have since given my "usual" email address to these people once they have made contact and it has been lovely chatting on a more personable friendship level. I consider myself lucky to have some extra friends that I enjoy talking with that I met here.

  • I understand this completely. I never give out personal info easily online anymore since I did it before on another forum and then even people that don't belong to that forum can see it and until now the email address is still used to send out junks. They don't hack it, but they sure put it on the sender info so those that are not familiar with spams will think I did it. anyway safe to say I'm not putting my email address out there anymore. You should enable a feature like personal messages here, so people don't have to write their email address in the forum. Or make the forum not accessible/readable to non members. but even that is not a guarantee

  • I would like to add that just today I was thinking that it would be terrific to be able to communicate with someone off forum if it was also a desire of theirs.

    I have not read ALL the posts in this thread because Jenever7 hit the nail on the head right off the bat. I completely agree with her post and feel the same way she does. I could not have said it better myself.

    Please take this into consideration as I think it would be beneficial to the members of this site, as well as to the appeal of the forums on this site!

    Thank you for listening,


  • I myself have given my address and didn't realize that it was that much of a no no. Its really great when someone has a little more to offer in the way information. I also have met some great people on here and could help in some way. Thanks for being tolerant its important when people don't know where to go for help.

  • by the way admin I wonder why the links I gave are gone

    they are not for tarot.com discussions and they are not emails either

    is this also not allowed? if not then I won't post them anymore

    or maybe you could enable private messaging like the ones available in other forums

    so if anyone needs the links I have a way to send them


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