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  • Hello there,

    Lately I'm interested in astrology and have read some very truthful things on this site. Now I would like some advice on my relationship with a cancer male. We have been together as a couple for about five years. Like every other couple we have had our good and bad times, but we never actually fought over things. Six months ago he started acting very distant and depressed. He said he didn't know what he wanted anymore and felt like his life was over. He's out off work and feels like a loser. This kept going on and about three months ago he ended our relationship. He said he didn't know what he felt anymore and thought he wasn't good enough for me. He still wanted to stay in touch with me and said he never wanted to lose me. Now we are still friends, talk and see each other regularly (we talk every day and see each other 2-3 times a week), but whenever I ask him about our relationship he says he doesn't want to think about it right now and feels comfortable with things like the way they are now. He also says he can't handle the pressure from a relationship anymore.

    Now I like being friends with him and I try to be there for him, but it's very hard because I'm still in love with him and want to give our relationship another try. Since our break-up I have been nice, sweet and friendly all the time although I still feel heartbroken. He knows I love him and want him back, but I feel like he is holding me on a string. One day he's supersweet and the next day he is very distant. I don't know how to handle the situation anymore. I'm willing to wait and work for our relationship, but I don't want to look desperate or hopeless. Any advice on how to handle him and the situation? Should I keep acting like his best friend or should I take distance?

  • I am a leo woman with a cancer man but as i have only been with him for 6 months there is no comparrison, but i do find cancer men like to keep their women on their toes. Its like they need the constant reasurance that you still love them, i might be wrong but i feel a lot of it is game playing like they want you to be needy an beg, as a leo its not in our nature so its not gonna happen but you have been together a long time so your circumstances are a lot different.

  • I don't have good experience with males of water sign. they seem to be offended easily and then withdraw. they will show up again acting all nice and forgiving but they don't really forget it and they don't really forgive it. I'm pretty much all you see is what you get. if I'm still angry then I am still angry. I don't forgive much, in fact that's a lesson I am still trying to learn in this life time. I make sure people know that when we have argument I don't care they like it or not. I won't hate inside and smile on the outside, the only time I do that is at work just because I need the paycheck, but other than that no-no. I have learned to take everyone as they are, so that rough side of me is a bit smoother now lol but yeah i certainly don't appreciate men that can't say it as it is. I probably can blame my scorpio rising for the strong character I have, plus leo is a masculine sign. so it's not helping, is it? but yeah none of these relationships were romantic. I suppose if they can show the qualities I like in a man, I would pursue them if necessary. but they can't. so it didn't happen.

    I seem to always be attracted to Caps which is Cancer opposites. they are always formal and not emotional. drives me crazy lol but if they are angry they don't hide it, and if they are ok with things they don't hide it either. since they are not emotional they can stay cool no problem and they don't withdraw, they just keep going and face it like it is. maybe you can try date one, see if you like them better. anyway, since I am leo like you I thought I should drop some comments. hope you find a solution with your guy. if not well I hope you find someone better - maybe a Cap 🙂

  • I'm a Leo man an my shorty gets very emotional and I can't handle that shit I guess it's in my blood.

  • A man holding any women by the string needs to be shown that its wrong, and he cant do this to you! It isnt fair and you should tell him so!

    Let him know what he is doing is wrong and very hurtful to you! Ultimatum time.

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