Dear Cris1962, would you please help me. . .

  • . . . as I am unable to read for myself. Would you mind giving me a reading on finding a job?

    Currently, I am receiving severance pay from a layoff that began September 5th from an extremely stressful but enjoyable job that I loved but was part of the layoff in the company--my age hit BINGO as did 5 others out of my team. While the other women wanted to remain at home--one has a baby, three others will receive severance for over a year due to their seniority--my particular circumstances demand an income.

    I have finally received the divorce I yearned for through default judgment by the court, but it took 4 years to get it after my ex deserted me for the wilder side of life and booze, and the problems he left for me are overly burdensome.

    Any insight would be most appreciated. Thank you, Cris.

  • Hi firefly,

    I've sure looked at this more than once, but hadn't been able to get anything for you, which is why I've taken so long to even reply to your request. I'm like you: can't read for myself either, particularly on issues where I have a vested interest.

    What I have got so far though, is that February will be a good month for you, both financially and working wise. I think you will change direction completely with your career and be doing something you'd never thought of doing before. Did you work in insurance previously or is that your current sphere? Am getting a very high energy environment (well you said it was highly stressed) with money surrounding it. "Pay offs" is the word springing to mind at the moment but that could be influenced/tied in with your severance. I think your next work will be in a "softer" environment, and may involve some sort of care work or nurses aide or some sort of "assistance" is the word. July is another month which springs to mind here also. Whether this is when your severance pay period ends, or some other period will end, but you may find yourself following this ending, involved in something which brings the money in as well as giving you loads of satisfaction with what you're doing. Radio springs to mind also. I can hear you doing talk shows on radio. How out there does that sound to you? But something you are doing now or will start doing, just might give you some public recognition. Some sort of humanitarian involvement which ties in with the caring/nurses aide/assistance bit I mentioned above.

    I don't see huge amounts of money falling in your lap, but rather a steady income which will set you up for retirement. You will work until you're about 65 or 70, and will still be busy after retiring. You need constant activity and stimulation and love to have your finger in many pies. You're a great organiser. So whatever you end up doing next year will be a success as you are able to not only organise, but lead people as well ... and inspire them. I get that you're quite small in build and suit your screen name perfectly. People are drawn to you as you never let things get you down, and will stick things out right to the end. I get the word "dervish" as one that describes you ... next to firefly of course 🙂

    This job ending is a message for you to change direction. I do get that quite strongly. I honestly feel that you won't remain happy in your current field for much longer, and this will end up to be a blessing.

    Gee, funny ... having mentioned the humanitarian thing above, I do see you somewhere overseas helping out those in need. The name Botswalia comes to mind and I just have a picture of your tiny frame encased in safari like clothing and you being knee deep in dirt, mud and generally hot conditions. And loving every moment of it. You are no stranger to tough times and also don't care much for material possessions; you just want to know you'll be comfortable. Well, you will be! I know you're afraid of what's going to happen, but once this particular tie has been cut, you'll see things start to flow for you including a few very good ideas.

    There'll be the odd hiccup for a little longer as I get that your hubby may pop his head up now and then and his neediness and weakness really pulls you down. He still hasn't sorted his cr*p out and I get that he just turns up every now and then and wants you to listen to him whinge. Or help him out of some mess he's gotten into. It's always the way. When someone is strong, those psychic vampires love to suck that strength out and into themselves. But you're tough enough to bat this away and just take a "let him eat cake" attitude. Actually, you're not unlike Marie Antoinette ... maybe you're her reincarnated!! How d'you like that?

    My parting message is: trust yourself, trust that you will be provided for, and that this change is a blessing in disguise. Doors will open giving you ideas you hadn't thought of, or may have just toyed with in the past, and you'll be doing what you were always meant to do, which is champion the underdog I feel, and in a big way.

    I sure hope this has helped you some firefly. I've always appreciated your insights to my difficulties, so as said, hopefully I've managed to help clear some things up for you.

    Let me know what you think of this anyway. Feedback is always valuable! Lets us know we're on the right track ... or right off the mark/having a bad day 🙂

    You take care now, and all the best of luck. Though I don't think you'll need it really! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Dear Cris1962,

    It's Friday morning at 4:09 am, as I write this reply. You are one good cookie! Yes, insurance and health care have been at the top of my list for the past 10+ years. My first 3 years, after getting my degree, were spent in grunt work, at hospitals, homes, hospice and giving shots all day. I've literally done it all. Then, I got my first taste of working for Medicare. When I got laid off, the moment I drove off of the company property, I felt this huge burden of stress slide right off of my shoulders.

    My ex deserted me when I was still a full-time student, and the experience left me shattered. My only relief was in focusing on other people's problems. Now, it feels more like a nightmare, except that he screwed me over financially while he spent all of his money on booze & women. Now that my divorce is final, all I really care about is getting my life back on track, finding the right sort of work for me to support myself so that I can repay my debts. That's the big "payoff" you probably sensed, mine to pay. Thanks to my ex, it leaves me little choice.

    My one love in life is writing. I have a "work in progress" project that started off quite well, in fact. Not only do I have a story, I have the basics for it to be a good one. As I am already a published author, I've had articles sold to trade magazines on a variety of topics. I've been told that it could be successful enough for me to be on the radio and television by other psychics. However, writing is not something that is done on the spur of the moment or that can be finished as quickly as I might like. Projects that are long and involved require time and attention to detail than one might suppose. Some writers take years before their material is ready to be published. I have a feeling that might be the case for me.

    While I still have family obligations nearby, I am required to stay put for awhile; therefore, I need an income. Some of the jobs you suggested are only part-time and not steady work. Being paid $98 for an entire week seems pointless as my unemployment is much more than that. I've already had to lower my "expectations" of a salary and am still seeking other fields outside of health care and insurance. The one thing I am glad of having accomplished is learning skills that are needed in any office setting.

    What I see posted online in job boards and websites are companies who advertise the same job repeatedly; so that the statistics are incorrect. Two dozen advertisements for a cook at the local burger joint is superfluous and downright ridiculous, and yet I see it over and over on every website I have seen. The "983" jobs available in blank-blank city ends up being "75," which might be more accurate. Still, the advertisements are for upper management or for entry level positions, and I am right smack dab in the middle.

    You wrote so much that I find myself referring back to what you've written. I chose the name Firefly because it is larger than other insects, interesting to watch and yet harmless little creatures that fill us with joy in the summertime. . . not because I am small in stature. I'm not overly tall, either, just not 5'3" like everyone else I know.

    I do an incredible amount of volunteer work online that is very fulfilling, but not financially rewarding. I agree with you about the need to change direction. I'm one of those intensely passionate creatures that thrive on challenge with perseverance. I was born in an Army hospital, supposedly seconds after Pisces turned into Aries, and yet I am nothing like an Aries, at all. Because my father spent a lifetime in the military, our family learned that not one clock in one military installation ever has the correct time. They usually run about 10-13 minutes fast or slow. Even where I worked, there was a clock on all four walls and none of them had the correct time.

    I've been told countless times how intimidating I seem, upon first meeting, but only until people get to know me. I am very private and insist on my need for seclusion to renew and recharge my batteries. I've also been told (recently) that I am like a cat who always lands on its feet. However, I do not feel that way deep inside.

    You hit it on the nose when you said I champion the underdog. So much of what you wrote is so like the way I think and feel. I'll let you know what transpires from here on out, okay?

    Thanks again, Cris. You possess more gifts than you realize.

  • Thanks Firefly. It's good to hear positive feedback from you as I don't think you suffer fools gladly or empty readings. I have to confess I found you a bit hard to read at first and feel a bit perplexed that I didn't pick up on the writing! I'm a budding writer myself, and hope to be published one day, but things have been so higgledy-piggledy for the last eight years that I've only done things in fits and starts. Still, my husband and I have decided to end our marriage after all this time, and I think this is the right thing to do. No, I KNOW it's the right thing to do. We no longer love each other the way we should and it's time to do the right thing. So I'm at that precipice now, looking down. Eventually I'll look up and fly off I'd say. But for now, it's baby steps and one day at a time.

    As said before, I appreciated the comments you posted in reply to my stuff as you didn't pull punches and were dead on. I just wish I could've seen things for the way they were a whole lot earlier, but I guess I was too gutless and too devoted to the idea of keeping the marriage together at all costs.

    Again, thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you were reasonably pleased with it. Take care and will talk again soon :))

  • Ah, now we know what has blocked you--stress. Divorce has to be one of the most difficult emotional traumas we women have to suffer through. I know you'll get through it because now you have peace of mind knowing you are doing what is best for you.

    It might be difficult to avoid the arguments that will undoubtedly arise, plus the name-calling and outright b****iness involved. If you can rise above it and refuse to lower your standards, you will feel much better about the entire business. Irreconcilable differences is the preferred method as the both of you can sit down and make a list of items you both want--without argument.

    Your stuff is still yours. You have a right to claim it. You also have the right to claim half interest in your home and community property. You can sue for alimony, but he'll fight you tooth and nail. His stuff is his. He has an equal right to have his automobile, his junk and split the furnishings and assets. When he chooses to be disagreeable, consult your lawyer. You still have to have a lawyer. Unless he contests, the fees will be relatively reasonable.

    It will be better for you if you allow him to win an argument for the sake of peace of mind. Forgiveness usually occurs months or years after the divorce. Then, the two of you can become friends without expectations.

    Hope it all works out for the best for you, as I am sure it will.

  • Plus, I am a complex individual with many interests. Other psychics that I have consulted often say the same thing about me during this period. It could be the current retrograde slowing things down. But I believe it's my conflicting desires getting in the way.

    Blessings to you and yours. We all look forward to hearing your insightful advice.

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