Cris1962 - if possible

  • would you please do a reading for me in regards with my love life. My birthdate 4th May 1962.

    I was impressed with the ones that you were doing for others, in particular the one for Doves46.

    Hope you having a good weekend.

  • Hi Taureengirl

    Sorry it's taken a while, but sometimes these things just don't come on demand, and better late than never 🙂

    I see you have a choice between two men coming up. One is dark haired, the other a lighter colour. The one with lighter hair is your soulmate, while the other dark haired fellow is more like a companion partner who is more stable, as such, and been a real friend to you. Your choice will be: do you go with the one who promises stability, security, friendship but not a whole lot of romantic excitement, or go with the one who makes you actually FEEL. This lighter haired man is/will be younger than you and you may doubt his sincerity and ability to actually commit. That's where you may find the choice difficult.

    I see two children for you also ... are you pregnant possibly? I can see a little boy energy waiting around so if not pregnant, then something which will come in the near future. I'm getting that your in your mid to late 20's (can't be sure of that) and had a rough and tumble ride with your love life up until this point. Was there a recent divorce or end of defacto/long term relationship for you? This has left a bitter taste in your mouth I feel.

    The choice you make with these two men will be pivotal to how the rest of your life works out. If you choose the dark haired "friend", I can tell you that you will have a good life with him, but the other one will not stay out of your life for the rest of it. He'll come back at some later point. He will hurt you, but it won't be intentional. It will be up to you as to whether or not you can cope with the overwhelming feelings he engenders in you. Strong feelings like this can be very frightening and often people choose to ignore them rather than go with them as it can feel like a roller coaster ride and a threat to security.

    As I said, the choice will be yours entirely. But do remember this: soulmates can never stay apart unless one is totally adamant they want no relationship and means it. I feel that you may not be ready to go into a relationship with your soulmate when he presents (if he hasn't already) and that's okay. There's never any judgment on you for these choices. Often it's simply because you have other things to do in life and you need to do them either alone, or with the support of someone who is happy to be that in your life. I do see you with this lighter haired man at some point though ... but not until the time is right for both of you.

    One other thing: you really must start believing that you are deserving of love in all its forms. I'm getting a recent betrayal with the loss of something of value to you, and that you have been left feeling like a deflated balloon. Time is needed to lick your wounds and strengthen yourself for what is coming in 2010 as that is the year I see this choice coming up. As said though, there could be an inkling of this situation now, but you are holding your arms out saying "no". Keep it that way for now as you don't need the emotional tug of war at the moment, no matter how lonesome it all gets. Remember that it's always darkest before the dawn, as hard as it can be to do 🙂

    My parting message is: you will make the right choice for YOU at that particular time in your life, so don't worry! This dark haired man will be like a Rock of Gibralta for you and you will very much value his support, generosity and friendship.

    I hope this made some sense. I have jotted as I've got things popping in, so if some things are a bit round-about, please forgive me. Sometimes I get hair colour wrong, ages, that sort of thing or get them mixed up; whatever! Just hope this helps you some. 2010 will be your year, so look forward to that 🙂 GOOD LUCK.

  • Dearest Cris,

    Thank you so much for taking the time and effort.

    You have some things dead on.

    The two guys.... i am not sure what to make of it.

    My soon to be ex husband, have light hair (been seperated for more than a year) is the same age than me. No passion whatsoever, but we are good friends. He is/was always there. I know that he still wants me to be part of his life, but there will never be a marriage life due to him have in interest in men. He is a "cold" type of person, if you understand what i mean. Also my children not welcome in his house..... I walked out without a tear and actually felt guilty about the fact that i don't miss him at all.

    Been dating a cancer guy. with dark hair (my story somewhere on the forum) met him Jan this year. Been dating for five months... in a time i needed support he dissappeared from the face of earth. Five months later, still not a single word from him. The chemistry between us has indeed been scaring...... This should be why you get the feeling of a recent divorce. That left me somewhat devastated... and yeah, a bitter taste in my mouth.

    My intiution keep on telling me he will be back - not that i can see how. Too much time has gone past.

    The betrayal - loosing something of value - got robbed round about the same time when he stopped contacting me. Lost all of my personal belongings... some of sentimental value.. others a big financial loss.

    Oh and you are so correct by saying "but you are holding your arms out saying no" .... i have no desire to date or even see any other guy. I don't know how i ever be able to trust again, or even trust my own instinct.

    Even after all this time i miss cancer boy with every breath i take... every heartbeat. I don't understand it...... that is so not me! I don't fall for a guy easily... in fact all my life i loved three guys. By the way, i am in my late fourties, but still feel 25.. lol. Talking about wishful thinking.

    I have three children... only one still dependant and live with me. Two of them very close to me. Eldest one somewhat of a loner.

    Never mentioned this before, but my youngest son also cancerian. Even at the age of 18 he already show all the traits of a typical cancer male.... lol. Almost the same personality as my ex cancer guy..... when looking at my son, i can understand why i love that cancer so much.

    Maybe i am totally wrong by thinking your two men and my two exes are the same... there are no other men in my life, except for my two sons and brother ... haven't been for many years.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart Cris - wish i had the ability to be of help too.

    I truly appreciate it.

    Maybe one day in future all will make sense to me.

    Wish you all the best.

    Thanks again Cris... maybe in time all will make sense to me.

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