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  • Hello quenkath,

    That's pretty funny, I guess it fit you!

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  • Thanks RedPetals for the very funny adages. I will admit to having sleepless nights over vain thoughts. This past year I've been trying to sleep just on my back so not to develop a turkey neck. lol I'm obsessed with skincare and I'm getting there with exercise. I'm not so sure that's being a leo or just getting older.

  • Well, us virgos clean, ALOT. I have AD/HD so I used all my extra energy towards cleaning. It was bad lol Littlelioness- sleeping on your back might help with turkey neck but sleeping on your back is when you snore. lol If anyone is snoring, just make trhem roll over to their side. If you notice, everyone that snores is on their back. So it's kinda like replacing one bad thing for another. I have to sleep in a recliner because sleeping in my bed makes me all sore and stifff. It really sucks but you will always try to go with the less of the evils. lol I also have to take meds to sleep. Even if I fall asleep on my own, I always wake up between 2-3a. I can go right back to sleep if I took my meds, if not, I will stay up. My daughter tells me I snore. Of course, I am always asleep when I do it so I will take her word for it. I will pick one project and I will overclean it. But if I do several things, I will gat alot of little things done but nevert complete anything,Alot of virgos ( and other signs) have alot of the same traits but will be completely different people so you can't judge anyone by their sign.I don't know what I was trying to say but I hope there is a message in there somewhere. lol

  • Hi Sylvannah,

    I know what you're saying & we shouldn't assume that our signs determine our traits. I was admitting to the vanity aspect of my life that amusingly seems to jive with my sign. Even so, I try not to take my issues too seriously as it will be a different issue next week.

    I've read some of your postings & I think that you are an incredible person for overcoming so many obstacles in your life. You may be fulfilling your destiny or life path as it seems you are learning and teaching at the same time. Blessings to you.


  • Well thank you. I have been through alot and try not to have other people go through what I did. Turn the bad into good. I can relate to alot of things in my sign too. The issues change from week to week but you stay the same. lol It's kinda like working on a car, you go to fix one thing and you find several other things you need to fix. My neurologist gave me good news and bad news. He told me I don't have MS but they don't know what is wrong with me. So I figure, I will just take care of 1-2 things at a time. That's all I can really do. The biggest thing I want to do is quit smoking. That is my only "sin" I let mt ex go and I no longer have any feelings for him. He said I was sleeping with this guy but I told him obviously not. If I was sleeping with him, my house would have looked alot better cause one thing I am good at, is sex!I am a very sexual person but I stopped being sexual with him after 6 months. There was no point. He was vulgar. I hate vulgarity. I will take anything. But I draw the line at vulgarity. There are plenty of people out there that don't have to be vulgar.

  • Good for you Sylvannah. And it seems you're also a self-respecting and a very strong person.

    I think you will quit smoking & hopefully soon. I saw my mother struggle with nicotine addiction for 40 years until it took her life. It broke my heart to see her want to quit. You sound very strong minded and I think that you will quit. But like you said its like working on a car, one thing at a time. Have a blessed day Sylvannah.


  • I know I will quit but the want to really has to be there. When my mom was on her deathbed, I promised her I would quit smoking. I smoked for 20 years at that time and I quit for 5 years. Cold turkey.She passed away 2-3 weeks after that but she noticed that I had quit. I started again due to my son. That actually was the lesser of the 3 evils. It was either drink, do drugs, or smoke. I chose smoking. But I am done with that now like everything bad I had in my life. That is the last bad thing I have to get rid of. Now would be a good time to quit as I am not stressed right now. I am a very strong person. Most people are surprised that I went through what I went through and still have a smile on my face. I have so many experiences that I could share with everybody. Most people wouldn't make it through half of what I have so if I can help keep people from experiencing it to begin with, I will.

  • Well, you should go for it. No better time. Take each day as reaching a goal. If you feel the temptation or effects of withdrawl remember what positive things you've accomplished and the positive support you've given to many people on this forum who in return want to give you the same.


  • That sounds really good. Thank you. It is nice to know that someone appreciates what I can off er and want the same for me. I don't think I have ever had anybody that wanted good things for me so that does mean alot. I am going to work on my house today instead of sitting here on my computer, getting nothing done and then I complain about it! lol I want to accomplish something physical today. I was able to get my daughter's meds last night so I should see a change at her softball practice tonight. I almost can't wait. I know she would be good if she put her mind to it. She has absolutely no respect and I want to at least see some self respect. Especially before puberty hits full swing! I have faith in her and I should tell her more often, instead I yell at her cause she makes me mad. I need to let go of the little stuff and show her that I have faith in her and that I love her but more importantly, she should love herself. She has very little if any self esteem and I want to help her with that.

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