In need of clarification regarding a horse-shoe spread

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm new to this forum and very happy to learn more about Tarot.

    I hope you can help me understanding the meaning of some specific cards.

    I had a horse-shoe spread regarding my relationship. It has been on and off and quite difficult, as you will see in the spread but I am not very expert in Tarot, that's why I am asking for your lights and insight.

    Of course, I was asking about the future outcome of my relationship. You might want to know that he had a relationship before and that he was deeply mourned for his loss. I have worked a lot on me to be as much comprehensive and understanding as I can. I have made a lot of efforts to make it works between us and to give him time to heal from his previsous relationship. It has been a long run for me and still is.

    But right now, I don't know if it's heading the right path.

    If anyone can help, I will greatly appreciated it!

    Horse-shoe spread :

    1. The Hermit

    2. Temperance

    3. The World

    4. 2 of Wands

    5. The Empress

    6. The Lovers

    7. The Justice

    Two other cards to clarify the question have been spread also :

    top card The page of sword (can be him as he's younger than me)

    bottom card The Hanged Man (the idea of sacrificing myself to make it works?)

    My first impression is that there's a lot of waiting in the relationship (Hanged Man) and it's true that it takes time to develop and a lot of inner thinking (the Hermit) but I still don't understand if the spread is positive or not.

    The outcome is hard to interpret as the Justice card can be positive or negative for me.

    What are your feelings about this spread? Any insight is welcome!

    Thank you very much to all of you!

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