Any hope for leo woman/pisces man!???

  • Is there any hope for a Leo woman & Pisces man in a relationship? By nature we are exact opposites I am direct and assertive, he is abstract and passive. What is the best way to find common ground? I would appreciate any insight into the realm of my evasive and elusive Pisces husband. Thank you.

  • I was married to a pisces man myself we was together for 17 years. on the whole we got on ok but after the first years i started to lose respect for him. Leo's are pretty much strong minded and get on with things an if they dont know how to do something they soon learn cos they wont be dependent on some one else, where as pisces wont learn themselves as long as you are doing it for them. At first i loved the fact that i was in control but over time it started wearing a bit thin and i envied women who could turn to their partners for help cos my husband always expected me to sort out any problems. Anyways i plodded along cos i dont do failure ha ha until i found out he was playing away! he said he's problem was his affair fed his ego an all i did was inflate it! After that things turned ugly an we got divorced which i have never regretted cos at the end of the day we had nothing in common although had he not played away we would still have been married not because i loved him so much but because i didnt hate him either an we have 2 sons n to me divorce means failure which i not very good with but it trufe be known he would of done us both a favour if it had happend earlier on in the marrage. We actually get on better know than we ever did an we been divorced for 7 years. His current wife is also a fire sign an aries an she is constantly asking me how i put up with him cos he is doing her head in with his undeciceiveness n lack of confidence. I tried to boost his confidence in the early years but he would rather me do everything so you give up. Sad but true. One thing i still say about my ex though he could always make me laugh more than anyone else i ever met.

  • Leo Lass your last sentence made me chuckle and smile big. I too was with a Pisces man for nearly 8 years and he too made me laugh more than anyone else I had known. In fact every time I think of him I smile fondly. I am a Cap and so being with a Pisc wan't so much of a stretch, we are earth and water. er I mean were... fire and water is tricky and I think depends on other supporting astrological aspects within your charts.

    To TamedLion: maybe try swimming around in his Pisc world for awhile; Lions can swim sometimes right? 🙂


  • I was told that pisces lives in his own world. it's so wonderful that if we ever get in it we won't want to get out. I don't have good experience with pisces male. but I am in a blissful marriage with a Cap for 9 years. and astrology doesn't say this is a compatible match.

    I suppose what I'm trying to say is, if both of you want to work it out, it will work out. but it has to be both efforts. not just you or nor just him. you might want to try Capricorn man too. I'm not sure but I always fall for a Cap, or if he's a celebrity I always find out that most celeb I like are Cap males. Maybe it's my scorpion rising, who knows.

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