Exactly one month later...

  • Yesterday September 30th marked one month since my life altering split. Funny thing is I had a very weird and clear dream. In my dream I saw my ex and his wife fighting they were fighting over money and she has some jealousy issues as well. Also not in a dream I feel very tired almost blah enery from him. Sort of like he is in a daze and just kind of floating along. Can someone else pick this up in a reading. I don't know its been a month and the pain is nowhere as intense or as painful as it used to be I still miss him but it seems to change everyday. I have began to date again but I am not sure why I still feel this connection and not so much as a love connection I can just feel him to a certain extent. Is this normal?

  • Also in the last few days I have been getting an increasing number of blocked number calls where the person just listens when I answer. My instincts tell me it is her. Am I right?

  • I am sure that she is feeling you as a threat, just as I said before. She probably has difficulty trusting him now since he has been with you. As he said himself: it was a mistake to get back together with his wife. Soon he will have none of you and he will really feel the impact of what he has done. Done to himself. It is normal that you feel an invisible connection with him, since you have been with him.

  • the weird thing is I have dreams that play out almost exactly in reality as they did in my dreams but they have always somehow involved me. Is it possible to now be having dreams that do not involve me?

  • Yes, that is ofcourse possible. Since it affects you. Some people dream things that only affect others, even. Then they try to solve the problems they saw in their dreams, and that is really frustrating, since it really is only about other people, so who is going to believe her? I am ofcourse referring to that series on television that is called Medium or something like that. She who dreams about crimes and tryes to help the police because of that. That is then even her job, something that she gets payed for. I think some people have this gift. Although I am not sure if such a gift really is a gift or a curse.....

  • I am not sure either but I am probably more curious than anything to find out if my dream is accurate

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