Love reading

  • would you please do a love reading for me. My DOB is 2/4/62 his is 11/2/60. I knew him 15 years ago and was attracted but I was married at the time. We have recently reunited (I just happened to move into the house 3 doors from his). Thank You.

  • This extremely charismatic relationship can be magnetic in attracting a broad range of admirers, followers and hangers-on. There is in fact something extreme about the matchup, in terms of what it brings out not only in the two of you but in your admirers. The danger here is that because you two attract a kind of edgy adulation, that you start to believe it yourselves, which induces all kinds of inappropriate behaviour in you both. Getting rid of an entourage can be harder than it seems, and you two should perhaps think about it before encouraging one in the first place. Within the relationship itself, you both sometimes find yourselves needing your partner's attention and approval, with your friend tending to be slightly the more dependent and possessive. You Cat-lady have a relaxed attitude that seems to yield great rewards in exchange for little effort. You aren't big on suffering and generally figure the easiest way is the best. A little wary of this, your friend will usually take the more difficult path, which has more meaning for him.

    In a love affair. friendship or marriage, your friend may resent what he views as superficiality on your part. To you however, he may seem no more profound than he is, just a bit more dedicated to cultivating pain. The relationship may not furnish the kind of understanding that your friend so desperately needs but can often provide the kind of relaxation that he equally requires. Passions seldom run high here but both of you enjoy the relationship's steady sensuousness. Should these pleasures turn cloying, you may well seek temporary escape from each other in a more exciting and less certain direction. Strong differences of opinion are common here. Generally speaking, your friend will tend to be the more idealistic and egalitarian while you are more pragmatic and elitist. Excesses and extremes of thought and behaviour are likely to polarise you two and also to set you in competition for the attention of family and friends.

    With any meeting of an old flame, I would advise you Cat-lady to make sure it is the present person you are drawn to and not some nostalgic recreation of a past love. You must make especially sure that this is a good move because, although closeness of living can be good for romance, it can turn awkward if the relationship ends badly and you have to run into your ex a lot around the neighbourhood. Take it slowly and become friends again before jumping into anything more intimate. You may have known this person well fifteen years ago but he may be very different now.

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