Would anyone mind doing a quick reading for me?

  • I would apprecaite it, I can't read for myself, it just doesn't make sense to the question I have.

    I met a man recently who I was very attracted to, he just appeared in my life. I wonder if he is going to be part of my life and if anything else comes through.

    I am willing to do a reading for someone else in return if they'd like.

    Many thanks and I appreciate it.

  • Where the reading you asked me to do is now done. But I not too good at doing them myself as I have only just started, I also can't make it out myself but here it is as its a reading for you and not me.

    I can see that the king of cups is a caring man and he may be a teacher that is not nervous or tense and is a happy person. He keeps other people happy too by not letting them down. You may or may not do volunteer or some type of charity work and you have a open mind.

    The King of pentacles is a good businessperson or he finds opportunitys to make wealth and takes ideas to make them work. He has a wide range of natural abilities and may be a person that likes to use his hands. He is a reliable man that can be counted on in a crisis as he jumps in to help people.

    The knight of wands is saying you may get a letter or phone call from someone with good news that is charming and his style and his or her appearance is good. But the person may be a cocky so don’t take any risks.

    The Eight of cups may be saying that you may be seeking a meaning into a business or becoming friends with someone. But you must try to think before you do anything as you may be looking for answers to something. You may be thinking of something important or starting something new in your life. But again something may be wrong so this is why you should think before you do anything in your life. If something is hopeless then let it go and move on or you may feel tired and unhappy.

    It may be that you are going in the right direction with some type of security but you need to organized a plan and stick to it.

    With the devil card you may be doing something you don’t want to do and you feel tied down against your will. You may have lose your independence or you are allowing yourself to be control or just submitting to someone. You may be being caught up in appearances believing something could happen. You may have been put in the dark or are thinking the wrong way. You may be fearing the unknown or being taken in by the appearances of people or things. You may be feeling hopeless or believing in the worst of something. But do you lack faith or hope or maybe you are not thinking the right way or thinking of a bleak future.

    The Eight of wands is saying that some quick action will be on the way and you may find yourself moving jobs, home or some other type of move. Be open as you can put your plans into action. You may find yourself moving up or getting caught up in a change or having something come together. But you may need to close something else in your life like any unfinished business. But it could be some important message or some bit of information or just finding that piece of a missing puzzle in your life. What ever it is you will find the truth with a phone call, letter or talking to someone.

    Seven of cups

    For better or for worse you need to do some wishful thinking as you may just be dreaming or getting caught up and letting yourself down. Take a look at the facts in your life and if you are kidding yourself then stop. Are you getting caught in a dream about something or someone. It may be some idea you have that needs to be put to the test or some other option that is being offered to you. Maybe you are trying to believe in something that is not there. Maybe you are getting picked on or eating or drinking too much and not looking after yourself or being lazy in some way.


  • Thanks for your reading, some really good advice there especially the bit about dreaming.

    I am also going for an interview in a very high pressure job, which I hope I get.

    Also putting in divorce papers, got them through today. Lots of changes coming my way - positive ones I hope.

    So you may be learning but I feel you do know what you are talking about; trust your intuition and ask the spirits to guide you.

    Thanks again David, I do appreciate it. Many thanksxxx

  • Thats what I was doing is trusting my intuition and I know some things will be wrong. But any how it gives me a go at doing it for someone. I would like to make money from it anywhere. But not yet as I need some time to get to know my cards. David.

  • I started with readings on ebay. Then you can work up to phone lines, That's where I am aiming once I get the confidence.

  • If you still need a reading, I am willing to do one for you. Of course, this is now several days after you needed it, so I don't know how relevant this will be now. I used the Gilded Deck and the Celtic Cross.

    The Priestess came up early in the reading. She indicates mysteries and secrets - that there may be more to the situation that you are aware or that there is a secret that you will soon learn. Trust you instincts. You also got the 7 of Swords which indicates that the situation may not be going as you expect. You may need diplomacy against heavy-handed methods. These two cards usually indicate the internal "you". Not the "you" that others see.

    Next, I drew the Star as your obstacle. Usually, the Star indicates optimism. She tells us to have faith; reminds us to have faith in ourselves; shows promise in our plans; when it comes to relationships, she can indicates healing of relationship rifts, harmonious living conditions and hope for the future. This doesn't sound much like an obstacle, unless you consider that she is saying that your wondering about this situation and whether or not to BE optimistic is your obstacle.

    For your foundation, where you start and what you have to work with, I drew the 3 of Swords. The 3 can indicate stormy emotions, that may lead to quarrels or separations. This may be an emotional or a physical separation, but that doesn't necessarily mean a divorce. It can be a separation due to distance. While you didn't say anything about your past, this card makes me wonder if you had a past relationship that ended poorly in an unresolved way. A relationship that still requires closure. It doesn't necessarily have to be a "romantic" relationship. It just gives me the feeling that there is an emptiness you haven't dealt with.

    For your goal/desire position, I got the Knight of Swords. This usually indicates a quick-minded young man. Serious, impatient but with a strong character. He can be strongly magnetic. He may appear insensitive due to his forthright manner. This may be indicating the guy you have met, or this may be the description of your "ideal" man. Remember that every person has both good and bad characteristics.

    For your near past, that which has just happened or you may just be going through now, I got Temperance. She indicates moderation, patience, compromise, diplomacy, cooperation. Most importantly, she suggests balanced emotions. She also can indicate a receptive environment for a reconciliation with someone with whom you have had a falling out.

    For your near future, the 8 of Cups indicates that there is a situation you are in that you have long since felt was holding you back. The time is coming for you to leave that situation behind. You have stayed in the situation because of the emotional investment you have there, but the time has come to turn your back and pursue a new path.

    For th "you" that others see, I got the 10 of Wands. This card usually comes up when someone is feeling overburdened, but overburdened by something of your own doing. A project you once thought was a wonderful idea. If you take a step back from the situation, you may find another way to handle the situation.

    For your environment, I dealt out the 4 of Pentacles. The four comes up for people who have have worked very hard trying to get stability (financial or other), then once they get that stability, they become overwhelmed with worry that they will lose that stability. They become too cautious. Often it means you are being overly cautious or are "hanging back". You may need to let go a little in order to move the situation forward. It is time to take a calculated risk.

    In Hopes and Fears, it was the Moon. She indicates possible deceptions, but not intentional ones. Just as shapes in the moonlight can deceive us, she warns that things are not always what they first appear. In a reading that has already thrown the Priestess, I see this as a warning to look deeper. It doesn't necessarily mean that someone is lying or hiding things from you. It means that you may not be seeing what you think you are seeing. The moonlight can play tricks. Be watchful. Do not act in haste. Take time until the situation has revealed itself more clearly. The moon also suggests that dreams may become more vivid as your subconscious reveals itself. Pay attention to what it tells you. Your subconscious may have the answers to the fear that the Moon is hinting at.

    Resolution was the 5 of Wands. This is not usually a good card in a reading. It usually indicates conflicts and differences of opinion. However, it does indicate that the differences can be resolved through cooperation and diplomacy. As we saw earlier (with Temperance), you have the skills of diplomacy and cooperation. Use these skills, and these conflicts can be overcome.

    So, I know this was wordy and long, but what I am seeing is that this relationship can work, but it isn't just going to happen. You need to take care of a few things in your life first. You need to resolve some situations that need closure. You need to take some time to listen to your subconscious because it has something it needs to tell you. Then you need to move slowly. If you are willing to make some compromises (and he is too), then this relationship may be possible. If not, then it would be best not to proceed.

    I hope that helps. I don't ask for anything in return, but I would like feedback maybe a month or two down the road to let me know how things are going and what you decided to do.

    Peace to you.

  • Hello!

    Just a quickie, 4 Card Spread using the RWS deck I call The Next Step: 1) Situation; 2) "Now is NOT the time to . . ." 3) "Instead, do this . . ." 4) "Your Next Step leads you to . . ." (((No "Reversals")))

    1 = Ace od Wands = Yes! I see a lot of passion, here! WOW . . .

    2 = 6 of Penacles = I see that you are (more than) willing to give yourself to this man, but . . . now isn't quite right .. . wait for awhile.

    3 = Ace of Pentacles = Yes . . . Did you meet this man at work? I bet you did! Are you having financial "troubles?" If so, get them in oder, a wee-bit, before taking any action w/this man, because he IS a "wheeler/dealer," I see . . .

    4 = 7 of Pentacles = Yes . . . "work," yet again; "Craftsmanship . . ." "Perfection . . ." I see that there "could be" a great possability w/this man! But, you WILL have to "do some work" on yourself, first, however.



  • I'd like to do the Pay Pal phone lines (and have been reading for over 20 years) . . .


  • Hello.

    I too don't know if this reading comes to you too late, or irrelevant to your situation, but I've done my best to tap into what you may be feeling (in this moment)...

    For your recent past, I believe there is a feeling of stagnation, as evidence of the hanged man. A sense of self-lessness - maybe helping someone out who is needy? If this pertains to your old relationship, a mutual agreement could be formed and taking separate paths - if beneficial to both parties. I also see Temperance (see other posts above) and I feel this as a form of regeneration. On an esoteric level, an awakening to that spiritual side - healing, clairvoyance, etc. - that is coming to you as your own gifts to this world. Love of God, Nature, what have you, ties in with this as you are trying to get back to that sense of knowing, and is a great indicator you can use your gifts for this purpose. The three of swords spells a separation, strife - whatever the manual included in your deck leads to this - but also make sure to try and unite with others for a greater cause...working in harmony with others for some form of Divine work would be awesome for you - not only for the healing of your heart, but the gifts which we talked about earlier. I see that the Ace of Cups is a beginning of a new romance / possible news from a loved one...this could be your new man. I get this sense however, you aren't completely done with the old one. It is so hard to try and pinpoint where the heart must lead you, because the rational brain kicks in and there is that constant struggle.

    For your present situation, the Strength card is very apparent, and this is a great source of energy for you! Congrats! This energy is much needed - the five of wands suggests a bit of a struggle but for the better....possible gains in business? Did you get that job? The nine of coins makes me think so. Be careful with your recent influx of money though - spend wisely, and think about who you may be lending it out to - real friends should not ask you for your monetary support. All in all, it's quite an accomplishment and you find a sense of comfort with this. And with the Ace of Swords, again, suggests a sort of "empty" wealth, and disappointment in others. "All that glitters is not gold." Assert your individuality, trust in that!

    The two distinct, personas are naturally, in the realm of the coming future. The King of Wands, and the Queen of Cups. These are the only royals in your spread, oddly enough. Are you feeling ambivalent emotionally? I'm not sure if you identify with this Queen at all, but this is a woman in love. Perhaps, a frustrated woman in love? Also dear, you possess quite the healing gift - it is blaringly evident. You need to trust in that; you may feel like you don't know how to handle this gift. If you feel a lack of preparation for these kinds of things, a little motivation is needed in order to fully be that direct channel to help benefit others. Do you paint? The nine of wands is someone waiting - a pause for the next chapter. This chapter looks like a start of a very close friendship. Also, this friend may live apart from you, but are close to your mind. You'll probably meet some more people, better alliances...someone who can advise you in business? And this King of Wands....very strong, open...blunt? Honesty is his policy. Tall dark and handsome? But more importantly, a gentleman. I'm intrigued on how this is going. the two of cups are right next to him, and we know that is a happy card. Luck, new attraction (to someone mentally stimulating), and satisfying union. 🙂

    The overall outcome of this is a Hermit, though in reverse. I'm not much into reverses, and believe that the cards are there for a reason, so take them at face value - and I also like to see both sides of the coin mind you. I think double checking things like typos at work, speaking in public, your outfit inside out - that sort of thing - is the possible negatives. We all know the hermit is a solitary creature, but I see this as a strong indicator of your new journey. Look before you leap sort of thing. Also, the tone of the High Priestess (the bottom card of the deck) asks for an equilibrium - a balance in your life. Both spiritual energy, and finding the right people for your life.

    I just asked about the connection between the two royals: The nine of cups, and the four of wands were drawn. The nine of cups is a definite "wish" card. Your intuition is accurate. A goal or long desired outcome is coming to fruition. The four of wands, both a completion, or legacy, means romance and stability...Serenity. I'm happy for you!

    Please e-mail me and we can talk more.


    if anyone else is interested I would gladly read for them. I am hoping someone could help me out in the near future with my questions.

    ~ Sammy Z

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