Insight: Libra with Pisces

  • I'm a libra (10-18-83) and I recently met a pisces man (03-03-70) who seems to be my ideal mate! He's incredibly attractive, intelligent and kind. I'm very anxious and excited about where this might lead. He told me that he thinks I'm "his unicorn" and that if he doesn't pursue me now he fears that he will never have the chance again. Could this pisces man be the one for me?

  • What have u to loose?

  • Well, I go into every new relationship with the mindset "what do I have to lose" and sometimes it just doesn't work out, sometimes I get incredibly hurt, and sometimes my instincts are completely wrong. This time I am so excited about this man that I want to hear that things will be different this time. I want to know if this has the potential to grow into something great or if it isn't meant to be. I usually am the "lets just see what happens" kind of girl but I just have to know more this time.

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