Will we be together?

  • I'd really love and appreciate a little insight as to who I am and who my future mate might be. I'm at a point in my life where I'm ready for love and I'm anxious to see if I will soon have what my heart desires. I recently met a man who is absolutely incredible and I hope that the future holds us together. If he's not the one then I'd like a little guidance so that I can recognize who will be a more suitable mate for me.

    I'm a libra 10-18-83 and he is pisces 03-03-70.



  • Does anyone see something for me??

  • Your attraction is "playful" but in the end lacks foundation and reality. Meaning--this is a fun connection for as long as you can stand it--soon as you really want more it will lose it's fun and you will be frustrated--hurt even as you won't get it--feeling so good together yet he can disapear with out notice. He's very free spirited. A good friend when he's around and brings out the best in people--as long as they don't need him exclusively. Enjoy his company but don't get too sucked in no matter what he suggests. He gets swept into the moment and can be really there inlove and wanting more--in the moment--but soon as he has distance again his mood can change--he likes to keep moving--this fish can't help exploring--it's his nature. Enjoy him but this fish is slippery--too slippery to hold. Spirit says there is a Capricorn in the future who holds more promise. Blessings

  • Thank you blmoon! I think I can be content with just a playful relationship right now. I'll be cautious as to not get too sucked in, as you suggested. I guess it makes sense that he is a water sign and is like a slippery fish who wants to explore. In the meantime I will enjoy this ride while I keep an eye out for my capricorn!

    Thanks for your insight! Blessings to you as well.

  • A year later I feel compelled to post a follow-up. Your predictions were 100% accurate. I enjoyed a year long rollercoaster that was at times playful and at others frustrating. In the end, you were right, this fish was "too slippery to hold." Ironically things ended on the exact 1 year anniversary of us meeting, at the exact same venue. I'm now moving on to the next one 😉

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