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  • I am a very stressed out and lost person at this point. Ive lost myself and it seems Im losing control everyday. I still feel theres hope, but eveything around me seems to be completely different. I am so consumed with myself and have realized the only way to help others is to help myself. I am a big believer in god and I also believe Im here for a reason, to help. Im overwhelmed with fear and anguish as well as hope. It feels like im two people in one body at times. I was just hopeing someone on here could shed some light as well as hopefully tell me what is in store. Will i ever find love again, will I ever beable to help people again? And will I beable to see the world in a different light. Success and everything else will come. Thank you all, and if anyone else needs some advice or maybe a reading i will do my best to try.

  • Have you had any traumatic experiences? Are you having post-traumatic stress syndrome, do you think? Are you thinking about the past a lot, having difficulty to let go? If you feel like two people sometimes, is that person a character whom you know? A personality that you know? Is that a person whom you feel any grudge against? Or is it just that you dont really know who you yourself are at the moment? The most difficult assignment that we have from God is to realise who we are.

    It says in the Bible: If you want to find yourself, then you have to lose yourself. This is about the identity that you think you have. If you want to find out who you truly are, then you have to let go of the illusions that you have about yourself. That is also why it is said in the Bible: When we meet God, we will even loose what we think we have. That is our illusions. So it is a good thing to loose. It is a good thing to die emotionally from our illusions. That means that we must let our illusions go. Illusions are like parasites - they are in fact demons who live inside of us. So when we cleanse ourselves, then the demons get cleansed out from us. They are parasites who mix with our inner feeling, who join us through our lives. So we must surrender our soul to God to make the parasites go away. Because they are mixed with our inner feeling, mixed with our soul, mixed with our faith, mixed with our understanding, mixed with our thoughts. So that is why it is said in the Bible that we must surrender everything to God. Our minds, our bodies, our soul, our feelings. All must be surrendered to God.

    That is why I advice you to join subud and start doing the latihan. To do the latihan is to surrender everything to the source of healing, so that we become healed. But healing is a process, not an event. So it takes time to be healed fully.

  • Thanks hw, I am in the process of trying to join subud, It is difficult but I am still awaiting to hear from them.

  • Subud does not prevent anyone who wishes to do so from coming into Subud, but Subud is not prepared to issue any propaganda or any kind of teaching in order to induce people to join Subud. If, however, they wish to join Subud, Subud is prepared to accept them.

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  • Hey Seriou7 what sign are you? Just curious

  • im on the cusp of gemini and cancer.

  • Ok hw,

    I sent a couple of emails trying to get ahold of someone I just havnt heard anything yet.

  • Before you join, it is important that you are absolutely certain that that is what you want. So before you receive the latihan, it is important that you are aware about what you are going into. It is very important.

    In subud there is therefore a waiting period for three months as a minimum, so that noone receive the latihan without first being aware of what it is and what impact it might have on you. If you then, after three months or more, say that you are certain that this is what you want, then that is your choice fully. In that way noone becomes a victim of going into something without knowing, and the reputation of Subud is still good. It is important that Subud does not decide anything for other people, i.e. propaganda. That is why subud is never presented on alternative meetings together with healers, psychics, astrology, runes etc. Because it is not like those things at all. It is not based on a philosophy or religion at all. If a person feels it is good, then that is the proof that it is good. That is why (me and the B-word all the time) it is said in the Bible that it is on the fruit that we know wether the tree is good or bad. So we are not permitted to preach or force anyone. It is your free will entirely that must decide wether it is good or bad, wether you want it or not. So just be patient in the joining process. It is not a hasty desicion. If you truly want to join subud and do the latihan, then it might be in january or even february from today that you in that case receive it. In three months time, or more if you want to stall it.

    The hanged woman

  • thank you hw. I just feel lost and miserable all the time. I need god in my life, I feel he is here and his angels I just dont know what to do. I feel like everthing is caving in on me.

  • What do you mean? You feel Gods precence and the precence of Gods angels, and then you say that you feel like everything is caving in on you?

    If you feel Gods precence, and if you feel the precence of Gods Angels, then wow. Relax and receive.

  • Dear Serious7:

    First of all, I must ask you if you have seen a doctor and told him how you feel?

    As a clairsentient, I purposely do not read replies before I answer questions. I, too, like to be surprised once in awhile. Since I have been where you are now, I can empathize with the symptoms and feeling of despair over seemingly overwhelming loss of identity and self-esteem.

    Prayer can work wonders. However, this is not meant to be a religious debate. The one prayer you can make is to set your case before God, reason with him, be plain-spoken, and ask for strength beyond what is normal to cope. You can also ask for guidance. Any subject that concerns your relationship with our Creator is appropriate to discuss in prayer, asking for forgiveness, mercy, to strengthen your faith, to give you His Spirit to help you understand the deeper issues. . . and end your prayer "though Jesus' blessed name, Amen."

    Sometimes, a crisis in our lives creates a void where we feel like an empty vessel in a world filled with full cups. You will gain strength, you will conquer and you will heal.

    Most importantly, you will find a deeper understanding than you ever believed could be possible.

  • You do not need to join any organization to pray or renew your relationship with God. Faith can move mountains. Rely on God rather than men.

  • I think it is a good advice to go to the doctor. Or even a professional therapist.

    I myself have gotten interest in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychosynthesis, although I have not read a lot about it.

  • Yep I have seen all kinds. Its funny they all have different opinions. Ive been to psychiatrist's, Psycologist's, regular docters, and im going to a nuerologist next week. As Ive said before I am looking into all aspects in this problem. I thank you all for your advice and guidence, it has helped alot! keep on keepin on 🙂 thanks fire.

  • In that case perhaps to be opened in subud is the right solution for you. Or not.

    As I said, you will not be opened if they feel it is not right for you, or if they feel you are not ready. So they will not let you join subud if they think that you are not ready for it, or if you say that you are not sure.

    So you do not have any reason to fear the consequenses of joining subud. There is even no fee to pay - the membership is free. The membership is just so that subud members all over the world can contact each other, so that they can do the latihan together.

  • thanks hw

  • So can anyone give me a reading please? On love, and friendship and the future maybe?

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