How to help my sisters?

  • Hi all geniuses (psychic, tarot reader, healer etc) out there,

    my sisters is having some problems which i dunno how i can render my help to them.

    My cancer sis (10Jul1973), who has been divorced few years back (with 2 kids) is having problem getting a stable job or job she likes, and emotionally, i find that she is unstable. As and when, she cant seems to decide which path she need to go and is having some financial problem as well cos she have to raise her kids and pay the home loan etc.

    My Scorpion sis (5Nov1964), is having depression recently. Somehow, she cant find back the confident she used to have at work and is blaming herself for being useless. She and her husband has been 'down' for many years and am in some debt. She has been switching jobs and just cant seems to be able to perform and eventually give up hope and feel resentment.

    I have offered them many advises & sometimes financial as well these years....but, how can they actually get out of these hardship or troubled period fast. Is it that they have not learn something which life present to them, thats why i see the circle keeps going?

    Sometimes seriously, i felt quite drain by them. (i have my own problems to take care of) But i hv been staying positive these 2 years so that they have someone to rely on when in need.

    Anyone can help see what is actually happening in their life? and whether there is anything i can do or they can do to help themselves?

    thanks a million!


  • May I please have your birthdate? I need to correlate that with your sisters.



  • Hi Nanettesplace,

    Thanks for willing to render help.

    My birthday is 5Mar1976

    Million thanks to you.!


  • .Ok, your Cancerian Sister: Personality is the Sun, Soul is The Wheel of Fortune, and a bonus card of the 1 Magician. She has great potential and is not living up to it, which is where it seems as if she is drifting. She can rely on her wit and luck to keep going, but is lacking the persistence to see things through. Her attitude keeps her from reaching her potential. She feels she has too much on her plate as it is, overwhelmed might be a better word, and not enough time for herself to even think. She needs to delegate some of the household responsiblitlies. Are the Children old enough to help out with household chores - even light ones, can she barter/exchange chores/babysitting with friends to get out and find a job, or take classes, or just plain think? She feels that if she isn't 100% there in the home and with her children, she isn't fullfilling her obligations to them,while she is quite comfortable with the status quo, she is yearning for a chance to prove herself with her peers/friends in the workplace/home. I don't think she wants to start at an entry level either, which is where she might need to start. She needs to envision what she wants so she can work towards it. Can she take some classes to prepare for what she wants? She needs social interaction with her peers/friends and respect for what she is trying to do - It is vital to her sense of worth.

    Your Scorpion Sister: Has the Moon for her personality card, and the Crone for her soul card.

    She has set up barriers to protect herself, yet doesn't realize that those same barriers are locking her in. She needs to take them down and not be afraid to move forward. She keeps getting the wrong jobs, because she is always finding fault with herself. As she projects her fear (not being able or capable to move forward or progress in her job), she keeps realizing her fear... not being able to perform on the job. She has to stop being so hard on herself. When she finds herself in the midst of stress or depression, she needs to realize that it is part of a larger cycle of events and is usually the last dispair of her rational mind before new possiblitlies breakthrough. Her soul card The Crone is a symbol for a wise woman experienced in the ways of the world. She is also a woman who needs to be alone to go deep inside herself for the answers. If she takes a long hard look at what she has accomplished, what she knows, what she wants to learn and what she wants to produce and put out into the World, Universe she will probably be amazed at herself! She is coming to an end in her Strength year where her lessons were to find fortitude and courage in her abilities. She will be starting her Crone year on her birthday this year which is her sould card, she will feel more confident, she will feel more like herself.

    Now, for you The piscean sister, avast in emotions: You are The Fool personality and The emperor soul. RIght now you are acting with what your soul already knows and that is the Emperor. The Father figure. Even though you are the younger sister, you have a good foundation and use your head. You are positive and assertive, but can be forceful. You have a paradoxal nature as you can be childlike (the fool) and the parent figure (the Emperor). So to me this says that you know when to have fun and you know when its time to get down to business. Right now you feel like the father to your sisters, giving them strong shoulders to lean on and a good head to work things out with. They both feel you are what is holding them together and up! Keep encouraging them, continue to give them a hand up, but not a handout. They need to learn that you are there supportively, to lean on but not to bail them out. They need to realize their potential and be forced to make changes out of necessity. They no longer should have the financial cushion you have provided them. Even though you all might have thought that it was a help, It was keeping them from doing what they had to do. If their depression is bad enough where they or one of them cannot function, then please steer them towards counseling.

    Hope this helps.

  • Your Cancerian sister is in her Wheel of Fortune year, which means the wheel of fate is turning and if she holds onto the middle of the wheel, she will balance all that is spinning around her.

    You are also in your Wheel of Fortune year, hold on tight, change is a comin'!

  • Dear Nanetteplace,

    THANKS a Million for the reading. You have been helpful definitely.

    My Cancer Sis does feels like what you have described above. She finds herself overwhelmed by many things and somehow, none of the things that happens to her seems improving at this moment. Especially financially...

    She has 2 kids, 1 gal & 1 boy. I shd said my niece is quite obedient and helpful to her but at times, she will complain about having to do alot for the family and her kid brother. Well, she is afterall a kid in her young age (11yrs old)..i think she did her best.

    My sis's biggest problem comes from her mischevious son. Somehow, even my mum cant control this kid when my sis is away to work. Schools teachers and my mum has been complaining to my sis abt this brat that is giving problem in sch and sis is lost as to how to handle this son of hers.

    She is currently taking some courses in insurance and also doing some marketing & sales in a health product company. But as this small company is newly launch, they somehow did not establish a package which is in favor to my sis (no salary, all based on commission which my sis is in need of income to stable her family)...she is lost as to whether she did e right step in following this boss. This is the 2nd time she is going back to this boss.

    I advised her to concentrate in obtaining the insurance license so that there will be some stable income coming in. But i feel that she has no interest at all for this insurance job...she did it for the money to provide for family.

    Will she sees some light coming her way? she is always having doubts in her own decision and has been referring them to me. Sometimes, repeating the same issues again n again. I do hope i give her correct advises along the way (fingercross). Although sometimes, i felt quite heavy and vex over her problems.

    My Scorpio Sis has very high ego and pride. I felt sorry for her as she has been feeling down for >5 yrs. And i cant seems to help. Recently, the more i try to encourage her or give her advise, i felt a strong repulsion from her. Somehow, the more i advise, the more she feels useless and is drawing back to her own world and depression. SInce then, i have stopped giving uncessary advises and just watch her from afar. What you said is true. Especially on the negative thoughts she has on herself. In such a case, how can i do to make her feel more worthy and find back her confident? She will just be fine after her bday this Nov without doing anything? I feels that sometimes, her ego and pride is preventing her from seeking help and preventing her from moving forward also. (correct me if i'm wrong)

    If this year is her Strength year and she is to learn courage and fortitude, somehow i feel she has yet to realise or learn them. She is lacking the courage and confident and is always feeling negative about everything. And as such, she is impatient, quick temper etc A little out of control at times. So i should just leave everything as it is?

    As for myself, these few years has been a challenging years for me. I have setbacks in career, finance, relationship and felt resentment towards myself too. Especially when i cant control myself and have been hurting my loved ones. Many of the times, i find that its all about self realization, awakening, forgiving, healing, and finding the courage to do good in the world. I actually welcome this change as i finally find back Myself.

    I just had a major change in career this year, past few years is about finding my True Self back.

    So, emotionally sometimes i am having doubts in myself too. And i find them (my sisters) taxing on me sometimes.

    Since you said both my Cancer Sis & myself are in our year of Wheel of Fortune, it should ends by our next birthday? And i presume we should feel more confident after that?

    I have another qns which need some guidance from you.

    All along, i have this wish to leave my home to pursue my dream.

    Since college, I have always dream of myself helping out the poor and those children in the 3rd world countries, to provide education or jobs in order to help them out from proverty and improving their life. Will i be able to realise this dream?

    I always want to see the world out there and am still grounded due to my family committment.....somehow, i felt quite helpless.

    Thanks Nanettesplace, you definitely has been a great help,



  • Wow, nanettesplace. Wow. I would have loved to get a reading from you aswell. You are a professional. Wow wow wow.

  • Hanged Woman,

    Thank you so much! Your comment made my day!


    First of all the bad boy nephew of yours - I don't know what state you live in, but in ours there is a child study that can be obtained through the school itself. They will observe and document his behavior, learning abilities, etc. From that the school will advise the parents. It may involve something as simple as going to the dr.s and putting him on meds, or it can go as deep as phychologica or phsychiatric care or meds and behavior modification through a therapist. If the school does not offer a child study, have her take him for an evaluation. Start with his Dr. and he will advise. You are giving her the right advice, hang in there and finish her courses, it will well be worth her time and she will realize that, but right now, she can't see the forest for the trees! She needs to finish this. Once she gets her son under control, I don't feel she will be as stressed. I think like I said, she feels she is not tending her children because she is not there. She hears all the negative about her son, and it makes her feel she should be home more. She is repeating the issues because she is hoping something you say might offer her a solution and hasn't found the right one. She is searching for answers but doesn't know where to look. All she has to do is look within. Have her make a list of what she wants in life, no holds barred. If she could be or do anything what would it be? If it is a stay at home mom, Insurance work would be great, some companies let you work from home! or she could find an area that is of interest to her to work from home. But again, once her son is put on the right track, with everyone working together for his betterment, then a lot of her angst will go away.

  • Fishy,

    Your scorpion sister: Your sister feels beaten down, and being reminded that she isn't what she used to be keeps her down. This is her strength year and she is supposed to be working on fortiude and courage, but she doesn't know it. This period in her life is a life lesson for her. (Every year is a life lesson), you either take it on, or wonder why me! She needs to face her fears so she can realize she is only afraid of failing, but failing is just another way of telling us that we weren't true to ourselves,and what we know what we can do, and the Universe does too and wants us to be our best authentic selves and always do our best. You can encourage her by asking her advice about things you know she is good at. Build her self esteem by making her a player and acknowledging where her strength lies. If she is good at budgeting, ask her to look at your budget and see where you can save money, if she is good at managing, ask her how to get your house to run smoother, Or how she would go about an issue that you are dealing with. Make her become the one that is useful and needed. The wheel of fortune comes into play on her birthday this year. The lesson here is to ride out the changes in our lives. To stay balanced on the inside (the hub of the wheel) while the outside is spinning around. She may need to seek counseling to find her balance if her depression does not subside. Obviously, living with a depressed spouse can be depressing. She might need to get away for maybe a weekend to figure out what she wants from life. A breather might do her good. Or maybe you two could do a girls day out. Even if its just you and your sisters going for a walk, you don't need to talk, just feel the love between all of you when you are togetheror doing something that she enjoys doing to bring back the feeling of how good it feels to do something that makes her feel good! Sometimes just a gentle reminder of that will maker her want that feeling again and she will do more. If she is resistant to doing anything, then sometimes you just have to let go and let her come to you when she is ready. I know it is hard to stand by and watch, but this might be a lesson to you. You can't fix everything, but you can be there to catch her when she falls.

  • Fishy,

    Your sister's wheel of fortune year starts on her birthday this year and ends on her birthday next year, you are already in yours. The self control issues are the strength issues carried forward from your last year, your Strength year. This is where you need to hone your strength, have the fortitude to step back from a situation before you react. You know when you are ready to blow, at that precise moment, catch yourself and rethink your reaction, instead of loosing control, take a few deep breaths, and say, I am too upset, mad, anxious, or whatever the emotion, to respond to this now. When I cool down, and figure out why this pushes my buttons, we will discuss the issue. Write it down! figure out what it is that makes your react that way. Do you feel someone is taking your authority or power from you? Do you feel belittled? Do you feel unappreciated? Whatever it is, you can then sit down and discuss it rationally. You can start by saying When you do.... It makes me feel..... then I go off. You will probably find out through this discussion that it wasn't there intent to make you feel small, or unappreciated or whatever it is. I think once you get your emotions under control, you will be more confident and happy, you will have learned the secret of knowing how to be gracious under pressure. Remember it is not only you experiencing the confrontation. There is another person involved, and you will be wise enough to know that how you react contributes to and teaches a response from them. If your children see you handle stress in an explosive way, that is what you are teaching them, and how they will react back. As far as your dream of going to a 3rd world country to help, as long as you put blocks in your way, dreams won't be realized. Its when the blocks are removed that we can move forward and towards our goals and dreams. It depends on what family obligations you have. Do you have children? a Husband? Would they be willing to pick up stakes and move with you? Do you feel that your sisters just wouldn't survive without? You need to ask yourself if you can't do it now, would this be something you can make plans for to move towards when the kids are grown? What is holding you back, what can you do about it, and is it something that you can look forward to at a later time.

    Hope this helps,

    Blessings, Nanette

  • as you have understood clearly, each life events present an opportunity to learn. if they have not learned what they need to learn from the past events, the lesson will be thrown back at them again. think about it as a football practice. until they can catch the ball, the universe will keep throwing it at them. when they can catch it and throw it back, the universe knows they are ready. it's not necessary to go back far into the past and see what lessons they have not learned. what are the situations that keep happening in their lives? there must be situations that stand up, because they happen again and again within short period of time, let's say 5 - 10 years. tell them to clear their mind chatter, go to the park or somewhere quiet. tell them to sit there undisturbed and write these events. it is important to be honest. the universe doesn't go 50-50. it is either they learn or they don't. this means, for every event, if they do contribute to it, unintentionally or intentionally, they will have to admit it. they can sufficely say for example " yes I was intolerant to (let's say) A, because in the past I had bad experience with B. I realized now that A is a different person than B and I shouldn't have put them in the same category. I could have done it differently"

    if they do not contribute to what happened and simply happen to be there at the wrong time. they will also have to admit it and point out where it hurt them and how they are trying to heal from it. these events too are lessons. to teach them that some things are beyond their control, and that even if they can't control it, doesn't mean they have to succumb to it. they can control their reactions to it and make a choice to heal and avoid the annoyance instead of keeping the anger inside and become weaker every day.

    the point to the whole process is to clear their mind and their heart. Gandhi said to change the world you have to start from within. they have to be able to understand that every living being in the universe bows to the same rule. what we send out, will be sent back to us. there is no being stronger than the universe. the bigger you are, the bigger the ball thrown at you. it's either you catch it and throw it back, or you get hurt by it and never recover.

    once their heart and mind are open, then they can turn inward and ask for a solution. only when this process is thoroughly done, they can receive the answer. it will come as clear as the sky after the rain, becaue the cloud is now gone. it's important to remember the lessons, and apply them for the rest of their lives. if the universe sees they forget, they will be hit by another lesson. it's important to go with the solutions they receive, not ignoring it or simply think it won't work without trying. to do this will invite another lesson, even harder than they ever had.

    it is a tough road. but they need to walk this road because the universe is trying to prepare them for something bigger. if they don't learn it now, they will not be able to pass a bigger test and therefore they will be stuck, when everybody else moves forward.

    Fishy, there is a reason why you yourself go through what you have gone through. you are meant to show them some things that you have learned due to your own circumstances. tell them your experience and what you have done to get to where you are now. whether they want to learn from it or not, it is their life. if you feel drained, that is because they know they need you and unconsciously rely on your energy. learn to give but also protect yourself. relying on your energy will not help them or you. try help them, but when you feel drained, withdraw and recharge. they have to live their lives and learn their lessons on their own. your experience will help show them some things, but they will need to find their own solutions. make this clear to them, repeat if necessary. be affectionate but be firm. this will help stop them 'steal' your energy all the time and try build their own. also if you want, visualize white or blue light that shields you from outside forces. every time you communicate with them even if by phone, this shield will protect you and remind you if it's time to withdraw. energy is an air form. we breathe it in and out. so it is inside us, as well as out in the air. you might actually breathe bad/ depressed energy that they exude, on top of them trying to 'steal' yours. they don't mean this, it happens unconsciously on energy level because they feel helpless and they see you are stronger or in better position than they are. this also happens every time to any healer, whatever profession they are in. spiritual or physical. in fact this happens to anyone who offers help. because when they offer help, they offer their energy which is not necessary. let's say I am giving you advices now, but I am not giving you my energy to help you keep going. you have to find the will to go on and the energy to do it yourself. pretty much I throw you this advice, you like it then go with it. if you don't, then don't bother reading it because it's long anyway. the life we have is our choice. we begin in the same place, but where we end and how we live it, is how we make it. as always there are only 2 choices: you're stuck or you move forward. there is no middle way. I hope this helps. another responder has given you info based on birthdates and cards. tell them to take those into consideration too, to make a good decision is to consider every advice. since every advice comes from different background, each of them consists of what works for them and what does not. in any case, before you make a turn, you have to know which way you will most likely get there or at least if it doesn't lead you there, there is enough room to turn around. some roads can be very very narrow. anyway good luck. I'm going to have a salmon bbq haha, hopefully this fish is not in your family tree :):) if it is, well it shouldn't eat the bait, lesson learned!

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