Forum Challenge: Go Pink for a Cause!

  • We challenge YOU to make a difference! In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, aims to raise $2,000 in donations for Breast Cancer Network of Strength®, a national non-profit organization that works to ensure, through information, empowerment and peer support, that no one faces breast cancer alone.

    From now until October 14, turn your Forum avatar pink, and we'll donate $1 to Network of Strength! We've created pink ribbon avatars that you can upload to your member profile on's Forum community. It's easy to do:

    1. Click on "My Forum Settings" once you've logged into the Forum.

    2. Click on "Edit Avatar." Then select a pink ribbon avatar associated with your zodiac sign under Option 2.

    3. Once you've "pinkified" your avatar, come back to this Forum post and answer the question: how will you go pink this October? In other words, how are you showing support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Running a Race for the Cure, encouraging others to get a mammogram, making a commitment to live healthy, and participating in contests here on to help fundraise money for a great cause are all great examples.

    On October 14, we'll tally up the number of unique posts made on this forum topic and donate $1 for each post to Network of Strength!

    Be sure to visit our Go Pink Contests for details on other contests we're running for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October!

  • What a wonderful thing to do! How I'm going pink this month is every morning I go and click on their button...each click is worth a donation from their sponsers to help women receive free mammograms. I also just purchased a pink camo tshirt from their online store and that money is being used to help fund wigs for women going through chemo. And, of course, making sure I do my own monthly breast exam.

  • I walked a Race for the Cure! I'm also making a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle: eating better, working out more.

  • I will wear one of pink clothing everyday of October. While reminding people to check their breasts.

  • Kudos to Christytarot and MPaul!!!

    I completely forgot that I was given a pink ribbon pin awhile ago, so I'll begin wearing it everyday, too.

    I know there are plenty of caring people here...please go pink with your avatar to help out ~*~

  • Turning 40 this October, I vow to get my first mammogram! Not that one should wait until your 40, but for me that's how it's turned out. I've signed up to volunteer at the hospital, I will make a special effort to offer a support for breast cancer patients.

  • This is a good idea. I shall ring the centre about the mammogram I should have had and they forgot to send the appointment for and wondered why I didn't go. they haven't yet sent another after a couple of months. But Mostly I shall continue to send distance reiki every day to anyone I know who has had or still has breast cancer

  • I will purchase pink breast cancer awareness products, and thanks to the post before mine, I will remember to start visiting the breast cancer site to click every day! (I used to do this and for some reason I stopped receiving the emails, I think due to a browser issue.) Thanks to the member who brought this site back to my attention!

  • I am going to purchase products that I need for the house and for food that give donations to breast cancer research.

  • I'm having awareness meetings in my workplace.. and wearing my ribbon every day..

  • Hear Here!! Go for the Pink!!!

  • Go pink this October? I am a survivor and participate in all the breast cancer arenas. I make sure to always remind friends and new people that I meet to get a mammogram, guys too. I tell my story to anyone that will listen and am always willing to help anyone that has questions or fears about a situation that has so many limitations. Here is something that someone sent to me that really helps:

    Cancer is so limited that:

    It cannot cripple love

    It cannot shatter hope

    It cannot corrode faith

    It cannot destroy peace

    It cannot kill friendship

    It cannot suppress memories

    It cannot silence courage

    It cannot invade the soul

    It cannot steal eternal life

    It cannot conquer the spirit

  • YES GO PINK!! we are doing Breast Cancer Awareness at work...donate a dollar , for research. Our Co. worldwide has already reached our goal!!!! 🙂 And with us doing that,it opened the door for me to talk openly with the younger ladies to know the importance of self exams and mamograms. Cancer is no respector of can destroy at any age. Lets band together and hopefully by the time our little girls are young women,they won't have to fear this.

    I have to say, I loved the writing by Katieok...Amen, and I have to leave this in loving Memory of Kimmee, my Jincy, and Gail, you were all gone way to soon,and you all are 4-ever in my heart and missed,soooo much. God Bless to all on here.

  • I am going for the pink!! i just gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and realized how important it is for me to take better care of myself and be more aware of my health. i visualize my daughter's future free of cancer.

  • How to go pink... pink is actually not one of my fave colors so my daughter don't wear it much. I will wear my ribbon AND actually dress my daughter in pink too!! She'll be 2 October 5th :). I will also continue to shimmy for the cause. My first belly dance instructor passed away from breast cancer a couple of years ago, 2 years after her diagnosis, so I participate in belly dancing for breast cancer fundraisers at every opportunity.

  • i have been save the pink lids from yoplait yogurt container. i have bought pens, keyrings, pins that have ping ribbons.

  • Breast Cancer Research and Prevention is a cause very close to my heart... I have had many friends lose a loved one to breast cancer...

    I run the Koman Race For The Cure every year, and I also donate extra money to research... I also purchase "pink" ...

    I also get my yearly mammogram.... and ask others to do the same...

  • I will treat myself to some limited edition Pink lippie

  • Thank you denisestacie for reminding me about the breast cancer site to donate mamograms. I had stopped doing this some time ago and need to get back into the habit. I will also support a family friend who is going through her second round of breast cancer treatment.

  • I absolutely love this idea! I'm going pink this October by staying informed about breast cancer and continuing my goal to stay healthy and make positive lifestyle choices. When I was a sophomore in college, I found a lump in my own breast. The anxiety that accompanied by doctor's visit, and then the biopsy appointment was quite scary, but luckily there was no cancer in the lump. Since then, I have always tried to be as involved as I can for the breast cancer cause, whether volunteering at a breast cancer event, or donating money to the cause. Yoga, tai chi, and an active lifestyle have become a regular part of my life - all incorporated as a means to prevent cancer. I encourage men and women of all ages to see what they can do to not only educate themselves about cancer, but also make positive, healthly, preventative choices.

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