Tarot card interperitation

  • I need help understanding my tarot cards for the situation i got 'The Tower' for the self i got 'Page of Cups' and for challenges/ opportunities i got 'The Sun'

  • I always view the tower as a breakdown or breakthrough,

    Breakdown of oldways, foundations, structures in life.

    Breakthrough of new thoughts, ideas like a light bulb went on in your head and you get it!

    The truth gets out from under the deception and breaks free to new understanding.

    Page of cups represents a new love interest and are ready to take a chance. Someone who wants to be of service to others and is emotionally dependent. So this card says that you are ready to participate on all levels in a relationship or job, not to be taken lightly and you become emotionally dependent in the relationship. You want to do for this person to show how much you care, also relates to a job, you want to do a good job and care about the job you do. You are willing to give your all to this relationship. This can also relate to a new job, becoming emotionally dependent on how the job defines you.

    The Sun = Enlightenment, clarity, understanding. as with the tower, things come to light, success, the center to which all is drawn too! (the center of attention) The light is shining on you! Good luck and rewards for work well done.

    This seems to be a reading about a new relationship/job and emotional investment of some kind. It could be a person, or a new job that you really love, something that you are ready to give your all to. But first you must build a new foundation for it. You cannot build this on a foundation meant for someone or something else. You need a clean slate. Do not start this without letting the truth out or else it will fall and crumble because it was not built securely. Once you do this, you will be well recieved, respected and admired. You will understand how important building on trust, honesty and integrity can be in your life. It will be a whole new perspective for you.

    Hope this helps.

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