What should I do??????

  • I am a dog trainer and I meet men all the time and I don't find any that really catch my eye. I sometimes try and be interisted, but in the end I usually find something wrong with them as a possable mate. I met a guy at a new k-9 team in Feb that I am joining and the first day I met him he approached me I was so nervous that I couldnt talk to him and that set the stage for the months to come. Since then at meets he usually don't talk to me untill I talk to him first and then he will talk. In July he was always around my 2 friends and he would come and talk to me, I thought ok I am getting someware. he had even ask me if I wanted him to bring a training equipment and help me. I was so execited and said yes but if something came up please call or e-mail me so I wasnt hauling around extra dogs. Well I got neither so I Hauled extra dogs and when I got down to my meet I found out that he had something come up with his new business and he wasn't coming. I was so mad cause I had made it a point if he wasn't coming please let me know. I decided that he must not be interisted cause he didn't let me know and I think I am in a position that I can't even let him know that I have it for him really bad. I am staying away from meet this month. I went to dog school and everything so I could get on this team and now it really has screwed up my whole plan. When I go to meet all I seem to do is see where he is at. Working dogs are the last thing on my mind!!! I need help!!!

  • Well, I don't really know what to say to that. Is there anything about him that genuinley interests you, whether it be as a potential friend or even boyfriend? If so, then I would personally give him another chance. Everybody makes mistakes. I would give him another chance and if he continued to cancel plans like that or even did other constantly annoying stuff that could easily be avoided, then I would say that he's either messing with me or that he just doesn't care as much as I thought and hoped, and then just try to move on. I understand how much that must've upset you, but you never know. If you don't know this guy very well, then I would really suggest giving him another chance. Even if it doesn't work out as being "boyfriend and girlfriend", you might just gain another good friend!!

    Also, just a little advice on something else. I noticed how you said that sometimes you "try and be interested". It's okay if you're not interested in someone as a potential mate. You shouldn't have to try to be interested. There's nothing wrong with talking to people and being polite and maybe even becoming their friend, but being interested in them as a potential mate is something that should come naturally when you meet someone. Things take time of course, but even throughout that time, you still shouldn't have to try. As time goes on, it should come naturally. I mean, I would always give people a fair chance and keep in mind that friendship is always a good thing (if things don't work out beyond that), but don't ever settle and don't ever TRY to be interested. 😉

  • I don't know if he has a clear picture of how you feel, so I wouldn't be upset that he "dropped" the ball. He may be real busy and lost your e-mail etc. I wouldn't let the flow of life stop just because you have feelings for him. You really need to put your emotions aside and realize that this is someone you'd like to get to know, but it may take time.

    It sounds more to me like you are shy around him. I understand that. I have felt at times like running away from someone because I had a strong attraction and didn't know how to express it. The only advice is to realize your life can't be put on hold from the "unknown." You know what you need to do so be confident in that. You'll be ok.

  • Hi Your write I am real shy around him and actually he told me I needed to work on my shyness. I know he didn't lose my e-mail address cause we belong to the same yahoo group. I have never let him know that I have it for him. I don't know if I should? What do you think? I could have a really close guy tell him? He could be the little birdie!

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