Aries and Gemini friendship...

  • I am a female Aries and he is a Gemini, we are both married to other people but we are very attracted to each other. We don't plan on cheating on our spouses, but it's kinda hard to be friends at the same time I feel him very tense and nervous around me all the time. I want him to just relax around me. That's when we are in person. When it comes to emails he can be very short and cold with me when it comes to anything emotional. What's going on?? Should we just stop being friends or will he just decide this is too complicated and leave me behind?

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  • hi,


    I have here my astrology book for Aries for the year and it dies compatability for each sighn toours..

    Aries meet Gemini

    Don't expect peace and harmony with this combination, although what comes along instead might make up for any disaggreements, Gemini's have fertile imgination, while has a tenactiy make reality from fantasy, combined they have a sizzling relationship. There are times when both parties could explode with indignation and something has to give..but even if there are classes making up is always enjoyable..make good financial success is likely..

    The thing is that aries generally are loyal..but if not happy will woonder.. we like the challange.. Gems can give us that but.. from what i take from the post is that your harbouring romatic fantasises.. otherwise why would it bother you? if a gem is a freind then he is.. but if he gets the feeling of you want more but your playing him ..he will just walk.. he needs to know that he's inportant for his ego.. and yes he will go ingnoring them does work to a degree but your situation is not that straight me does'nt sound like just basic freindship.

  • I'm sorry but, I think you are all missing the most important issue at hand here. You are both married!!! My God, why would you even consider how to get to this man and worry about your compatibility. How would you feel if your spouse felt this way about someone other than you and was asking for advise on the internet on how to solve the problem!!! How would you feel if the situation was reversed and you were the spouse that was being overlooked as your partner was busy trying to figure out how to have a friendship with someone they are attracted to. And don't try to give me the ole, "I just wanna be friends" business because you know as well as I do that is exactly how affairs start.

    My advise, stop thinking and putting anymore energy into having a reltationship of any kind with this other person and start taking care of your marriage, put your energy where it really should be, at home with the person you took and oath to always put eachother first...

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  • in the same situation .I'm lost . This is so deep . I am married to a leo but I bored me an aries like adventure. I don't know why I'm so attractive to this person (gemini ) but I am . As I aries know that I will step out there and say something to him. I know he is attracted to me . But

    I run just with small talk . Don't want to hurt my husband. But I just can't get this person out of me head. I did send him a friend request on a sight I'm on and he did except. But has not yet

    responded to my message. But when I saw him he was veryexcited to ask me a ? I mean very excited . I respect my husband but want some excitement in my life. I know I shouldn't go forth

    but I am attractive to him. Help

  • Hi ladies to get some type of insight on Gemini's go to the Gemini forum. I think it reads all about Gemini's. Very interesting and straight to the point. I have been involved with a Gem for a long time. They are very interesting people. Just get ready for a bumpy road, because they are that sure of themselves or their feelings. Read the Gemini forum.

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