• For the past couple of days, I have been having these overwhelming thoughts about my "special" friend. I some how think that he is going through something and having a really difficult time. Yesterday it was really strong, and I prayed about it, hoping that the feelings would go away, but they didn't. I picked up the phone and rang him, and he did answer. I just asked him if everything was ok with him, and he said that he was doing ok. He told me not anything to be concerned about, really and that it was nothing he could not handle. However, I still feel the same way today.

    Why am I feeling this way? Insight please.

  • Since you feel him as a special friend to you, then that could just be why you are feeling this. You are probably just getting up his vibes. You say it is a man. Men dont say what the problem is unless they want you to give advice about what to do. When men have a problem, the like to find the solution themselves. If they dont find the solution, then they ask someone for advice. So perhaps he is just trying to find the solution himself first. Let him know that you are there for him if there is anything that he wants to talk about. But I suppose he already knows that. Respect his privacy. Perhaps he is just going through something that he just has to figure out for himself. Dont worry about him. You are just very sencitive towards how he is feeling - if that is the case.

  • You are probably right. Every day he is thought about, but for the past few days it has been quite intense. You are right, I am the same way, go into seclusion until I find the answer. I will try and not worry, for I know he will be alright like he said, it is nothing he cannot deal with. He is a Libra, and I am a Scorpio, so I understand how Libra men are, but usually when I get this feeling about him, it only lasts that day, so here I am another day, guess I need to pray some more.

    Life....a beautiful and wonderful thing, but so mystical in itself. Never had this connection as strong with anyone before, so I guess that is what makes it so difficult.

  • dajasmum,

    your special friend is lucky enough to have you around to keep track, show concerns and ask about his well-being.

    Yup, like what HangedWoman said, men normally go to 'mountain' when in trouble. Prefer to solving problem themselves while women likes to talk it out for assurance and advises.

    You just have to leave him alone to figure out stuffs if he is really indeed having trouble...else, he will seek your opinion if there's a need.

    Anyway, he should be touched by your gesture.

    Dont have to worry too much. This is what women tends to have.


  • Well....

    Do you pray?

    You said that you pray.......I must think about this before I say it.

    But do you know how to fill a person with light from where you are? Do you know how to fill a situation with light from where you are? Do you know how to let go of the obstacle in you friend FOR him?

    What you have is a gift to heal your friend from distance, by praying. So any situation that you feel about him, is not a burden as this might feel like a bit, but a responsibility that are given to you. So even though you are not there with him physically, then you can heal his situation for him by praying. The prayer you make is a surrendering of the energy, issue, feelings, or whatever that might be the obstacle, to surrender it to the source of all healing, to surrender it to the Allmighty, whatever name you might give it. In that way what you have will no longer be a problem for you, but a blessing for both you, yourself and anyone who is near you.

    So just you pray, and learn how to surrender to the light that takes away the obstacles.

  • Well, this must be for your self, that is. Not something that you must do for others, but for your self. And when you do it, it is naturally helpful for any others that are near you. So I did not mean to say that you should do it for him. That, too, would be intrution into his privacy. But that you learn how to cleanse your feelings from that energy you feel, so that it goes away. So just continue praying when you have that kind of experience.

  • Thanks,

    Yes I do pray and yes I do pray for his happiness and his success and for him to have peace in his life, as well as others. I will be ok, it is just at times we get overwhelmed with such a strong intense emotion, and not sure of how to reach out. I know he will be alright, and I will too. Thanks again, both have been such a help.

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