Interpretation of the tower card?

  • If it comes up in the reading, what is it actually telling you to avoid? In my Cross Reading, Card 2 was The Tower. It is supposed to tell me what to avoid. I'm thinking it means since i was asking a question about a relationship, not to bring the past up, don't get into conflicts with others and don't think negative of yourself......I read it was a bad card. So, what is your interpretation of it?

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  • In a Celtic Cross reading, Card 2 represents a challenge. The Tower can represent anything from a dramatic and sudden change in your life to a sudden understanding of something important. So your challenge may be that something dramatic and sudden will happen in your life. Without a fuller picture of your reading, or more information, I can only go by this one card in its position from the information you gave.

    It doesn't have to be a terrible thing to be a challenge or a change. The outcome depends on how you respond.

    I don't agree that avoiding conflict, refusing to bring up the past, or having self-doubts is a logical interpretation of the Tower, regardless of the question. You may be thinking that these strategies will avoid problems you are being warned of by the Tower card. It's more likely that your challenge will show itself no matter how well you manage your fears.

    Whatever your challenge represented by the Tower card, I recommend that you rise to the occasion and make the best decisions you can. You can't hide from the Tower. You have to face it.

    That's my take based on the information given in your question.

  • 1, The Star

    2. The Tower

    3. The Lovers

    4. Knight of Cups.

    Those are the cards that came up in the reading. It was a four card reading called The Cross Drawing. I don't know how to do a Celitic Cross Reading yet. My question had to with getting in a relationship with somebody again.

  • The tower is generaly unforseen DISASTER! any time iv gotten it it seems that all you can do is sit and wait for it to hit you.

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