Aries woman, Sag man, Taurus man, and Capricorn man

  • So I have been casually seeing three men (not intimate with any yet) and I feel a strong mental attraction to the sag, strong physical attraction to the Taurus, and a strong emotional bond to the Cap. All of this while still missing the excitement and hotness of my last relationship with a leo. Can anyone give any insight as to who would be the best match?

  • Your best match would probably be the Sag. They're freedom loving and indpendent like you, and aren't clingy (like the Taurus probably will be, if he isn't already). Capricorns can seem distant to Leos at times, although it still might work. You should also check what your rising sign is for more insight. But above all, follow your own heart and intuition. Good luck!

  • As a fellow aries I know you have to have all of that in one man as do I to feel completely fulfilled for any chance of it working out in the long run. Generally speaking Leo is the best match for Aries but the others could possibly be as well. My best advice if you know their birthdays, time of birth and place is to get birth chart compatibility. Birth charts will reveal all you need to know. : )

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