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  • There is this guy that I see EVERY morning on my way to work (he's an officer) and I have the BIGGEST crush on him. My friends tell me to make eye contact, but I just freeze up and act like a little girl! I haven't even gotten close enough to him to see if he's married or not. Even though I don't even know him, something about him tells me he's a good man. Can someone help me out with a reading PLEASE! This is driving me crazy!!

  • He is married/defacto, but not happy. He is in the process of ending this relationship, so he is not really looking at anyone much at the moment as he is focused on this. However, I am seeing that something is going to happen which will draw his attention to you one day soon. You might drop something or trip over or some damned thing and he'll give you a helping hand 🙂

    And don't worry: you won't go all gushy and silly in front of him. You know him well from past lives my friend and you will sense this when you're properly in his sphere. Is he dark haired? I'm just getting dark hair here and pale-ish coloured eyes, but can't see if they're green or blue. He has a dimple too I think. And you're right: he is a good man.

    Anyway, patience my friend. You wil be talking to him in a matter of weeks or even less. But my final message here is "go slow". Let him sort out his issues, so he comes to you with no baggage.

    Hope this helps some 🙂

  • Thanks a million for your response! And yes, it helps a great deal!

  • Cool 🙂

  • Hi Cris 1962,

    I was wondering if you could look into that situation i described above from a couple of months ago. So far the only thing that i have be able to muster up is a "look" and I'm sure this guy thinks I'm nuts (that's if he even notices me at all). I still see him each morning and as of late he's always talking to a different woman. After all he an officer and a handsome man, so I see the reason for all of the attention. I'm just sooo discouraged, I don't even know this guy, but something in me tells me, we would be a good match. Any advice?

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