Love and a friend


  • Love do you really love or lust .Do he are she say they love just becaus

  • I would definitely say 'Yes' to that question. But then again, it often depends on many things. Most specifically your own perspectives, motivations, and your actual definition of what is 'love'.

    With my 'true' friends, which are only a small percentage of the people I know and/ or spend time with, I trust and share with (emotionally) as much as any of the people whom I've been in 'relationships' with, including the women that I was married to for several years. I've held onto many of my true friends for years or even decades. There wasa time when we all lived in close proximity and spend a lot of time together and formed a true bond of friendship. But we are all individuals and often career-oriented so have moved around and/ or travelled much over the years and often do not see or hear from one another now for as much as years at a time. But everytime we do reconnect or see each other again, it's as if we were never apart.

    I love and cherish these people. Would do anything for them, and trust them with anything. These include both men and womem. We are all very different as well, but what we do share aside from some common interests is a mutual zest to express and share our ideas, thoughts, opinions, and ourselves. With my true friends who are women, I will admit that I am physically attracted to some of them and some of them are attracted to me. There is a definite sexaul desire that goes along with the desire to spend time together and share our thoughts and feelings. Some of these friendships even started as 'a date'. But either the attraction wasn't mutual, or the desire to be in a relationship wasn't mutual, or we were just different persons at a core level, made it so one or both wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship. That still left the desire to continue spending time with one another and to continue to express and share (in a non-physical way). I will admit though, the physical attraction enhances the whole experience and further increases the desire to be with one another. You simply don't act on the physical desire and focus on the whole 'experience' and joy or love of being together.

    So, if your idea of 'love' is exclusive to the passionate and sexual desires that go along with it, or is focussed solely on how this person can 'fill the voids in your life' or 'make you complete' if only they would 'give that of themselves', then you would probalby have a hard time 'loving' a friend, especially of the opposite sex.

    But that depends on what love is or means to you.

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