What is Tarot, Exactly?

  • Attention new AND experienced Forums members!

    Our Forums have been growing slowly but surely, and we're so excited to welcome those who are new to the world of Tarot. We know that this is an art that can appear to be confusing, intimidating, and maybe a little scary at first. But our team (and presumably our fellow Forums members) want to assure you that we're here to answer your questions and show you the ropes.

    What kinds of questions do you have about Tarot? Myself and hopefully some of our experienced Forums members are available for questions.

    We also have an article available that covers some of the questions that we're frequently asked here at Tarot.com. Those who know Tarot pretty well, let us know what you think of this article! Did we miss something? Did we answer the questions pretty well?

    This article covers questions like...

    • What is Tarot?
    • Can Tarot tell the future?
    • How does Tarot work?
    • Is Tarot something to fear?
    • What is the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana?
    • What are the four Tarot card suits?
    • What kinds of questions is Tarot well-suited for?
    • How important is choosing the right Tarot deck?
    • How do you choose a Tarot deck?
    • How do you choose a Tarot spread?
    • Does Tarot.com have Tarot card interpretations?

    Once you explored these questions and answers, I highly recommend that you play around with our FREE 3-Card reading... You'll get a quick glimpse and the power and insight that the Tarot holds.

  • tried a three card sample and it was on the money! (full moon?)But I had no question. What I got was an accurate description of my path right now. I am used to doing a daily Angel card reading every morning. I do not use Tarot cards at home. I can often read a spread online psychically and I do have some knowledge. I have a few card decks I use. I love Doreen Virtue"s cards! My first deck was HEALING WITH THE FAIRIES. It is my favorite go to deck. My ARCHANGEL MICHAEL CARDS are reserved for serious situations. I also have Wisdom cards good for one daily pull. I see many requests for card interpretations and my advice is to consider the question. Often people are not asking the right question. Also, there is no magic in the cards. It is a language for Spirit to use. You could make up your own cards and they would work. Which is why card readings are best interpreted when including your intuition and being in a calm open space. Unfortunately, people tend to pull cards when in a emotionally charged state. When choosing cards it is a higher knowing telling you when to choose. The cards I use all come with a written meaning but it's always encouraged to include one's intuition as well. Angel Cards do not come with a meaning just one word and they are meant to encourage tapping into your own intuition and hearing Angel messages. At first I wanted it easier but after awhile I really felt the benefit of such a psychic exercise and now I start my day with an Angel Card. Do cards really work? I have shuffled a deck and for several days in a row pulled the same two cards!!! I love days like that! Cards come with suggested pulls and layouts but also say follow your own style. I shuffle ...cut once then choose top and bottom card. Just feels right for me.

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