What is your (or your lover's) dating dealbreaker?

  • While the game of love can be fun, differences between zodiac signs can lead to an ultimate downfall. What may be perfectly acceptable to one sign could be a dealbreaker for another.

    I didn't even realize how true this was until I read this article! But it's pretty on point... As an Aries woman, I need to feel that I'm attractive to my partner. That doesn't mean that I need to be told I'm beautiful or fawned over constantly. But I need to feel desired and respected by my man.

    I checked out some of my exes dealbreakers, and yup. I recently ended things with a Scorpio and it's wild how on point this is! He had trust issues and would regularly question my faith to the point where he went through my phone. His dealbreaker was actually the demise of our relationship.

    Do these ring true for you? Or your exes?

  • I've been married 47 years so looks like I must have NOT encountered my deal breakers! Actually, marriage shifts in closeness and distance. So there are benign little deal breakers along the way. Partners grow at different paces and have separate journeys. I've been attracted to many men in my life. Of course no affairs. I'm married to a Scorpio! But I have been blessed to have always had some very sexy intelligent talented men friends who find me just as sexy. My world is mostly filled with professional writers, artists and musicians so I know a lot of free spirits I think a deal breaker for marriage would be a man who doesn't in some capacity WORK. Even if I was a bread winner He better have a work ethic. That situation really rocks the boat for me. I'm a very hard working person who can be ambitious and goal orientated. so once I lose respect for my man I'm inclined to start belittling him. It ain't pretty. Intelligence is very sexy to me. Cheating definitely would be a deal breaker and I'd probably need bail money Are these Taurus traits? I know I have an Aries moon. Security and possessiveness? Loyalty?. Fidelity? A lot of these traits are human and universal. Oh Ms Administration. You made me laugh! So your Scorpio snooped in your phone? Don't they all?!! At least once? I know some of you are saying, no not my Scorpio , he would never do that. No, you just got one smart enough not to get caught! Scorpios deserve to fall in love with a psychic!

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