WHAT? Your 2019 Horoscopes are here already?!

  • That's right! Your 2019 Horoscopes are HERE! It's never too early to start looking at the new year...

    Read your sign's horoscope here to see what 2019 holds for YOU! After you check out your horoscope let us know what you think! What are you excited about? What scares you?

    As an Aries who has several side writing projects going on, to see the words "You might be ready to write and publish the book that has been inside of you all these years..." has me freaking out! (In a good way. And I promise I didn't convince Maria to write that for me.) I'm so ready for a year of being mentally and emotionally woke and for the chance to express myself creatively as Jupiter moves through 9th House of Higher Intellect.

    In the middle of 2019, my domestic situation is about to be rocked thanks to a Solar Eclipse in my 4th House of Home and Family. I've been making slow (very slow) movements towards buying my first home. So this is exciting and honestly pretty nerve-racking to know! Fingers crossed people.

    What's in store for YOU?

  • And here are your 2019 Love Horoscopes!

    Supposedly... I'll be more focused on my career, which seems to be a pretty similar pattern for an Aries. And thus far that's proved to be pretty darn true. BUT there is also a chance for a fiery new romance to strike up and boy oh boy am I ready for that!

    What's in store for your love life?

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