• Well, having waited for Mercury to quit going backwards at a great rate of knots, here 'tis and I feel worse today than ever.

    I'd just like someone who has the psychic gift to please tell me what they see for me, as I feel like I've lost my one chance at happiness, won't get the job I applied for and will end up just staying put as I can't see a way out.

    Is there any hope for me for heaven's sake? I'm just so tired of this emotional roller coaster ride ... which keeps going backwards in the dark it seems! Thanks all 🙂

    Oh and for those who don't know my situation from previous posts, please don't worry that what you say may shock me ... just say it :))

  • You just have to go through it. This is your chariot, hanged (wo)man, the churning wheel of fortune, the eight of swords and the death card all at the same time. Enjoy the ride; ) Ive been there before and it feels like hell;O) Sit still and dont do anything. Dont panick. Relax. Let it wash through you. You are going through a healing process, an awakening process of your soul. You dont need to understand any of it. Because it is your mind, your will, your understanding, your inner innermost, that is being changed, cleansed and healed. So do as the chariot card advices you to: Enjoy the ride. Soon you will reach the top and see clearly again.

  • And to all you 12-year olds who are not old enough to see bad words: turn around now: What the stars hide, is the word h ell. ;O) And then I said: enjoy it because youve got no choice. Ive been there, and it aint a pleasure. But afterwards there is an eminent peace within. You`ll get there soon enough.

  • Hi Chris,

    I feel you should get your hormones checked. Not just the normal female hormones but also testosterone and thyroid. If you find that you want to supplement I would suggest staying away from synthetic hormones. If everything checks out alright, I would spend time doing more physical exercise. I feel that if you create some real world energy it will help to move you out of the rut you feel your in, and into a happier place.

  • Thanks again thw, I think you're on the money here, so I'll just sit back and "enjoy" the ride! Feel much better today, strangely enough.

    And manifest, funny you should mention that hormone thing. I did get checked out earlier this year and all was clear, including thryoid, etc. I have wondered though, if I'm in the pre stages of menopause though, considering I'm 47.

    I have over a period of months been working on increasing/improving my physical fitness and now find I am able to do, on average, about 3 hours per day of continuous movement without dying 🙂 But still get those days where I just wanna throw the towel in and yesterday was surely one of 'em! I also agree with staying away from too many synthetic remedies. I'd rather throw myself behind the mower and/or eat a banana or apple than swallow pills, so you make loads of sense there.

    Thanks both of you, but yesterday musta been a passing thing, but at the time it looked like it'd hang around for longer! How b l o o d y annoying 🙂

  • Glad to hear you're feeling better.

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