Capricorn hurt

  • Re: The heart of a Virgo man

    Omg!! I'm so thankful I found this group. Please help me ladies. I met my Virgo guy 18 months ago...was instantly swept off my feet. In the pass year he has used me, constantly asking for money, lied to me, made me feel so insignificant while acting like the nice guy. Also always requesting the most degrading kind of sex. I REALLY want to forget about him totally this time so I'd be thankful if yall are willing to help me along..I'm willing to share.

  • So what exactly are you having trouble forgetting about this guy, since it all seems to be disgraceful treatment from him? Are you holding onto a slim hope that he will suddenly turn into a considerate person - because that is not going to happen as long as you allow him to get away with behaving like this. You have to realize that you are responsible for how any other person treats you. Are you afraid of losing the loser if you stand up to him? You need to raise your self-esteem if you think this is for any reason acceptable behaviour in a relationship. He is just using you for sex and money.

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