Free readings! Still offering???

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  • Hi @Isa , thank you for your kind offer, could you do me a general reading about the near future? My dob is 9 november 1977.

  • Hello @Isa
    I just need some help regarding my love life. I am a Cancerian woman and my husband is a Taurus. We are going through a lot lately. Like lot of stress regarding buying a new house ,changing his job etc. This has taken a toll on our sex and intimate life. Its becoz of him we are not doing it. His health issues and stress are a factor also. I am getting frustrated day by day. What's going on? I can't really understand. I want intimacy but he is not giving it.
    He was not like that before,It all started after buying a new house and his job change. Other wise he is a very affectionate person.
    We are looking forward to have children in future.
    Will this situation ever change? Will I be happy with him? Will our intimacy improve?
    When shall I become a mother?
    Please give me reading sir/mam.

    My D.O.B- 22 / 7 / 1984
    My husband's D.O.B- 30 / 4 / 81

  • @isa Yes! I would appreciate a reading. I ask but sometimes people just reply with advice and no reading! Iv been enganged to my fiance a while. Been together 8yrs, so we are very serious and in love. He just recently got temporary custody of his boy who has add and behavior issues. My fiance is local truck driver but recently lost job and has tried fes companies but didnt work out. He needs stable income with health insurance, esp for his boy. Anyhow he just a job driving water truck 2hours south of where we live. His uncle got him the job. He there now starting, and me and my stepson back at home while he eatablishes himself in company. He planning on moving there. I grew up here and my mom is still young. 59yrs old, but copd from past smoking, she works full time but she needs my help at least one day a week. That and we are super close, and need that time to hang out togther. We only have only vechicle between us, gas guzzler too lol. I desperately dont want to move that far. I was ok with 45min, 60 min max but not 2hours! And this town is one horse town lol which i know my fiance loves that, he dont like it here in city. I want country too but just not that far. I want to know will he kerp this job? We he follow thru on moving? Whats the future of our r.ship? We have fought over this, many times,but he says this is something he must do. Im so worried about our future, and how this will play out.

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  • Yes, I would. My whole world is changing all around me and my mind is becoming blurry. I'm uncertain about my near future, I'm very worried. Please help if you can. Thank you!!!!!

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