Blmoon, Captain help me Please!!

  • Hello I just need some help regarding my love life. I am a Cancerian woman and my husband is a Taurus. We are going through a lot lately. Like lot of stress regarding buying a new house ,changing his job etc. This has taken a toll on our sex and intimate life. Its becoz of him we are not doing it. His health issues and stress are a factor also. I am getting frustrated day by day. What's going on? I can't really understand. I want intimacy but he is not giving it.
    He was not like that before,It all started after buying a new house and his job change. Other wise he is a very affectionate person.
    We are looking forward to have children in future.
    Will this situation ever change? Will I be happy with him? Will our intimacy improve?
    When shall I become a mother?
    Please give me reading sir/mam.

    My D.O.B- 22 / 7 / 1984
    My husband's D.O.B- 30/ 4 / 81

  • @crabycrab, is that the right date for your husband - there are only 30 days in April?

  • Sorry @TheCaptain it will be 30/4/81

  • The challenge of this relationship is whether its need for variety and change can be satisfied without undermining its stability - which, fortunately, is quite strong and abiding. It has a tendency to hang in there, and when it appears in a love affair or marriage, it resists quitting or admitting failure. With that kind of bedrock foundation, the two of you can securely go your own way and pursue your own interests without fear of the relationship failing. The ideal, of course, would be for you to go through changes and seek interesting pursuits together, but your hubby in particular needs to go off on his own now and then - a trait that will demand understanding from yourself, who must not view it as implying rejection, disinterest or infidelity. You must realize that he will not allow his outside interests such as work to be compromised if they are important to him, so you must be accepting or understanding, while he in turn must learn when to curtail or halt some of his activities if they are putting a strain on the relationship. This is when open and honest communication will be vital. You need to let him know that while you can accept that he has a new job and new house, he still has the 'old' wife and she must be treated as equally important. If he cannot handle all the stress in his present life enough to give you some time and affection, then he must cut out some of the things that are stressing him. he must work out what his priorities are, so sit him down and get him to listen to you - and vice versa. You CC are guided by your emotions while your husband works on practicality and common sense. So try to find a good compromise that suits both of you. But please don't put your husband's health and need for space well below your needs for sex, intimacy and becoming a mother, or he will feel ignored and uncared for. If a Taurus man doesn't have a happy harmonious home where he can unwind and relax after the stresses of work, he will find another place to call home. Your husband can be incredibly devoted and loyal in a relationship, but he does need to take breaks every now and again from the responsibility of it. You need to understand this and not interpret it as a problem within the relationship. He therefore needs to be clear about what makes him feel happy in a relationship and he will not respond well to someone who is too clingy and demanding.

  • @TheCaptain Thank you so much for your reading. I really appreciate.
    He is a very loyal man. He loves his family more than anything else but the stress is killing him. I know I can be a bit demanding and clingy at times but from now on I will keep your suggestions in my mind.
    Thanks a lot TheCaptain .

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