The Sexiest Men & Women of the Zodiac!

  • Ever wonder why you're more drawn to one zodiac sign than another? Or wonder just what it is that makes some people seem more sexy, or why some people are more attracted to you?

    Each sign has its own lusty traits that make him or her attractive. As an Aries woman, I have an upbeat youthfulness about me that has been a big factor as far as attractiveness goes. My impulsiveness (that can often times get me in trouble) is actually seen as fun, creative, and free-spirited to the right people...

    Personally, I'm most attracted to Sagittarius men. I love their sense of adventure and their independence is very appealing. However, I've mostly dated Earth signs, several Taurus men, over the years. They're snuggly and offer a sense of security that makes you feel so safe! And their determination and drive is pretty hot as well.

    What zodiac sign are you most attracted to? What sexy traits do bring to the table??

  • Scorpios - very sexy and intense! Geminis - great talkers, fun and amusing and very clever people.

  • Most attracted to- Scorpio, Taurus
    Sexy traits - Passion, Sensuality, Stability

  • Was there just a list for male traits? Makes sense, as I don't see men lining up on the posts squirming in angst over figuring out what their female center of attraction is thinking! Hmmm. Wonder why ladies. If I read one more post from a desperately sad woman who first claims her man is the perfect man BUT then goes into a list of obvious reasons and facts that say the opposite I think I will take a long break until cosmic mayhem slaps some sanity back at us. I see good advice and accurate readings given out but in reality not everyone really wants truth. They want magical thinking. Our spiritual growth is much more about US and not about the things outside ourselves that we grasp at and distract us from dealing with our own mind body spiritual health. A good psychic reading is meant to last awhile. Shopping to hear what you desire to hear will get you what you think you want but it won't help or change the reality. As for sexy men of the zodiac I'm a Scorpio magnate and I think that's a good thing because who else but a strong Scorpio could handle a stronger outspoken Goddess like me. Is my love life magical? Is it any where near perfect? No and no. Does my happiness depend on my man. Only when I choose to let it. A relationship is never all about the other person. Even if your man is an abusive troll you must take responsibility for your part in the attraction. Not being a victim is the first step to healing and attracting abundance.. Having a trusted friend to blow off messy emotions is helpful. In fact emotions running high tends to be a female trait that keeps these blogs busy! BLESSINGS! I can't wait until November!

  • @blmoon Powerful stuff, I love it! And it's incredibly true... there are a lot of people out there who seem to be "unsatisfied" with a reading when in reality the're unsatisfied with the answer. It's hard to be told to move on, especially when being strong and independent doesn't come with an instruction manual.

    The link for Sexiest Women of the zodiac is in there! But you're right... perhaps we could use a fresh wave of male perspective in our forums... any suggestions?

  • Ha! This is so funny! Love the responses. Guys think women are sexy-period. Men are not complicated. If you breathe, you are sexy to a man. They might have preferences for women they choose to be in relationships with, otherwise you are considered “hot” Pat yourself on the back ,and don’t worry. Women rule the world and men wouldn’t have it any other way

  • I’ll admit I think all the men I’ve dated were sexy! A man, willing to do his best to be open and be vulnerable, is sexy! Of the significant relationships I’ve had, Taurus and Capricorn rank highest in sex appeal. Both have a raw uncomplicated, earthy hot sensual thing that’

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