I feel alone,stuck, & broken! Some insight please??

  • Im very afraid that my 13 year relationship is on the verge of collapsing & he is literally all that i have, no one else- no family - no friends- just him.i feel like he has so much resentment towards me. We have gone thru ALOT of crazy crap, some very damaging things for the both of us & i think we r both overwhelmed by it all, were both exhausted. Hes been my best friend & my partner for so long, but now it seems all we do is argue. We dont agree on anything. We dont touch or kiss anymore. Im scared he doesnt, that he cant love or be with me anymore. Please help

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  • Don't stay with this person just because you are afraid of being alone. That will never have a good ending. You can make new friends if you try hard enough. If you want change in the relationship for the better, you have to change for the better yourself. You cannot change anyone else. Do your best to be loving and well-presented and attentive to his needs - and then if there is no good response, it's over.

  • This Works Is A Morror, It Refelevts What You Point at it. Be The Change You Want To See. If He is acting Bad, You Do Good. And Tell Him Only Good. Maintain Silence, a. Balanced Mind, Be Fair not Only in Your Love Affairs but just Simply To Any Living Thingy You Have Ever or Never Seen Then You Will find Total Happiness.
    With Time if He Doesn't Change, Keep Doing Good. if You Really Respect Your Relationship and Heart Matters, Give it Time. Winter always Passes and it's Always The Same Stages Only That Sometimes it takes More Than The Normal Time But Worth Waiting.

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